Thena Johnstone | Founder, Global Eldercare

Thena Johnstone | Founder, Global Eldercare

  • Thena is the founder of Global Eldercare.
  • She is also the State Occupancy Manger of Allity Aged Care



Growing old is the reality of life, which during our times of running life’s rat race, we often tend to ignore. Planning for old age is a smart choice, which one shouldn’t shy away from. Another aspect includes finding alternatives to different types of elderly care for our family or for the times when we grow old. This is the truth of life, which one needs to accept and work towards it so that our parents and our old age can pass smoothly. In today’s episode, we discuss several parameters and challenges concerning elderly care across the globe.

[00:35] – About Thena Johnstone

  • Thena is the founder of Global Eldercare.
  • She is also the State Occupancy Manger of Allity Aged Care. 

[02:27] – Tell me about Global Elder Care. What are your objectives and why did you start?

  • Global Elder Care was formed during COVID. 
  • It was a combination of the sectors unserved.
  • The current providers are not meeting the everyday care needs. We’ve got industry staff and technology shortages.
  • Our sector doesn’t attract investment or startups like other industries. 
  • The concept of Global Eldercare was to act as ambassadors of advocacy within our sector, where we can look at different projects and spotlights. The idea is to become the vehicle of change that we want to see in the world.
  • We need to bring change-makers together.

[06:12] – What are some of the challenges faced by the elderly and what can be done to provide dignity and self-respect to them?

  • The challenge is to now have people plan for retirement their age care or their residential care.
  • We need to start changing that narrative and we need to start planning it earlier.
  • We are well informed about the increase in dementia. A lot of people aren’t planning for their final chapters.
  •  So within that, we don’t have dignity and choices. Some people are not even doing Powers of Attorney for family members and they’re leaving these final decisions to the system or maybe people who aren’t best suited for their interests.
  •  We need to start having more about our final chapters, even talking about death. 
  • As a society, we need to flip that narrative change and have comfort with death.


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  • Thena is the founder of Global Eldercare.
  • She is also the State Occupancy Manger of Allity Aged Care.

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