Jatin Modi, Founder & CEO, Renaissance

Jatin Modi, Founder & CEO, Renaissance

  • Jatin is the Founder and CEO of Renaissance.
  • He’s a C-suite advisor.




The definition of brand building is to generate awareness about your business using strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace. Positive image + standing out = brand success.

With social media gaining a larger part of our lives, businesses have resorted to them for marketing their brands. A business branch, which was earlier seldom seen to be a cost, is now an investment, trying to gain maximum eyeballs and attraction to a brand for its success.

But with the advent of technology in every field, the crux of a process remains the same. What is marketing? Why is it important? How to approach it? We have all your questions answered in our conversation with a leading marketing specialist, Jatin Modi.

00:33- About Jatin Modi

  • Jatin is the Founder and CEO of Renaissance.
  • He’s a C-suite advisor.
  • He was included in the Paul Writer Hall of Fame for his contribution to Marketing.

00:54- About Renaissance

  • Renaissance is a global b2b marketing firm.
  • B2b marketing in general is at an inflection point, where earlier b2b business development was largely done with feet on the street.
  • We’ve built a global platform, so we have people on three continents as part of our team.
  • We allow for Indian b2b companies to scale globally, and global enterprise focused b2b companies to grow in India.

06:29- Is marketing a science or an art?

  • Marketing strategy can be certainly very scientific but for you to have the vision to decide what strategy you want, that’s very artistic.
  • It starts with the vision that’s artistic in nature and then strategy probably is more science and then the execution is a bit of both.

07:53- What goes into building a successful brand?

  • A lot of brands are building thinking about the customer first, which is that they want to listen to customers and adjust and develop a brand correct which is based on data analytics.
  • I believe that the most powerful brands out there are the brands that first understand really who they are, what they stand for, what are their values, and what will they never negotiate for.
  • They express that so compellingly that customers, employees, and other stakeholders find themselves compellingly attracted to them.

11:43-What are the reasons that some brands survived for such long periods?

  • Fifteen years or 20 years ago you were very focused on building companies, but today you’re very focused on adding your learnings to value add to people.
  • They also grow over time, and they’re not scared to  embrace that change and express it very openly

23:05- Three life lessons

  • Branding is about authenticity.
  • There is a responsibility in leadership development for people to develop consciousness to become conscious leaders.
  • Both success and failure are just a play of time, you just got to keep doing what you want to, and show up best every day.


You can connect with Jatin Modi- LinkedIn


Jatin Modi runs Renaissance, a dedicated marketing partner to B2B firms and Asia’s only accredited LinkedIn partner. Renaissance works with companies such as SAP, UI Path, Twitter, LinkedIn, PwC, and CBRE building out their marketing and brand-building programs.

In 2016, his agency was awarded as the agency of the year, and he was included in the Paul Writer Hall of Fame for his contribution to Marketing.

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