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Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is not always about the companies we work for, it is also about our branding. The value, the skill set, and the experience we bring to the table in any field. The elevator pitch is not always required to promote our companies, but ourselves too for being in a position we deserve, to sustain in the position we hold, and to grow further to where we want to reach.

It starts with the right mindset and thoughts, and today we have a pioneer of branding to talk about its importance, enabling us to become leaders in life. Tune in to listen to this enriching conversation.

00:28- About Awa Ndukwe

  • Awa Ndukwe is a brand strategist with Optivity Now.
  • I use psychology, human behavioral patterns, emotional intelligence, creativity, and evolutionary trends to successfully build brands, which have proven to be successful through the years.

00:43- About Optivity Now

  • We help companies looking to upgrade or outsource their customer service find the PERFECT partner for their needs without the financial, operational, or time risk.
  • They have a customer service solution that can’t handle their volume and the quality they want while maintaining efficiency. So they are looking for a new TECH PARTNER.
  • They are looking to OUTSOURCE their customer service to save on labor, infrastructure, and material costs and ultimately manage risk and have continuity (especially during a time of change such as mergers, downsizing, or management changes).

02:16- What goes into building a successful brand?

  • The most important thing in marketing is care.
  • You really need to care about your clients, you need to care about those working with you. You need to have clarity.

04:16- How has branding changed over the years?

  • The world, business, and climate are changing.
  • People are wiser and more intelligent and have access to information.
  • Branding has developed and evolved from just having a logo to trying to connect and understand.

09:12- What would you advise a startup founder on how she or he can build a brand?

  • First, you need to sit down and take out time to discover more about yourself.
  • Think about your strengths and your weaknesses and your story.
  • Ask yourself who is your target audience.


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Awa k. Ndukwe is the Brand Strategist at Optivity Now and loves helping people discover themselves, and actualize their dreams.

He has spent the majority of his career in the branding industry, helping various brands and businesses grow their audience and generate consistent sales.

Awa k. Ndukwe is also a brand coach who has created brand leaders who are more prepared to lead their brands to success.

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