Edward Tyson, CEO, PerSynergy Consulting; Author, From Expert to Executive

Edward Tyson, CEO, PerSynergy Consulting; Author, From Expert to Executive

Ed Tyson is the architect of the LeadershipSOPs, a breakthrough framework, and methodology, shifting the leadership development conversation away from skills and styles and toward systems of action.a



Leadership is an important function that enables an organization (business, government, charitable, etc.) to focus its energies and resources on the common accomplishment of the organizational goals. The people in an organization can only direct their efforts in the right direction when they have a leader to look forward to.

Leaders can define workplace cultures that foster the accomplishment of common goals. What are the key attributes that an efficient leader ought to have? Is (s)he born with such qualities, or can be developed? We have your answers covered in today’s episode of “The Brand Called You.”

[00:31] About Edward Tyson

Ed Tyson is the architect of the LeadershipSOPs, a breakthrough framework, and methodology, shifting the leadership development conversation away from skills and styles and toward systems of action focused on the purpose of leading and its three critical domains. LeadershipSOPs are your standard operating procedures for structuring, operating, and perfecting your communities of effort. Before leading well, one must lead. Before one can lead, the purpose and work must be clear.

[00:56] About PerSynergy Consulting

PerSynergy means Results per People. PerSynergy Consulting is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to assisting individuals, teams, and organizations on their paths to greatness. We believe in getting results through people, per synergy (which is how we got our name).

We divide our services into two main practice areas: Strategy & Performance and Coaching. Our Strategy & Performance practice focuses on strategy design and execution for achieving excellence by design, helping executive teams articulate, align and implement critical operating mechanisms that inform, resource, and empower broad organizational action.

Our Coaching practice applies many of the same principles as our performance practice, but with a focus on the individual. Our executive coaches and life coaches partner with individuals to propel them forward on their personal journeys toward deeper and more meaningful levels of self-awareness, effectiveness and personal satisfaction, whether professionally or personally.

[04:54] How do you define transformation?

It marks any substantial change from a current state to a desired future state and in the middle, we have transformation itself.

[06:07] How do you persuade leaders to transform?

I pull apart that transformation equation and take a look at what you need to do. In order to move past what are those natural normal highly predictable responses to change that are also very dangerous for the individual in the organization so namely ignoring, resisting, or retreating. We use Leadership SOP’s transformation model which starts with exploring.

[11:07] About Leadership SOP methodology and the framework

  • The methodology is referring to what I call the process of leading, which is being in or defining your own standard operating procedures for doing kind of the work of leading.
  • SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Leadership SOPs are your Standard Operating Procedures for Structuring, Operating, and Perfecting your communities.


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Ed Tyson is CEO of PerSynergy Consulting, LLC. Ed has always chosen the road less traveled…and its amazing twists and turns have rewarded him with rich experiences and diverse perspectives.

While studying philosophy at Penn State University, he also immersed himself in leadership (and hardship) via the U.S. Marines.  Then, after graduation, he continued to combine real-world experiences with academic pursuits by working as a marketing professional by day and a full-time graduate student by night.

And later, when it came time to practice his craft as a management consultant, he made the conscious decision to do it from deep inside the businesses he sought to improve – rather than join a large consulting firm.

This important choice provided him with an up-close and personal view of both the cost and revenue sides of business, the complexity of organizational change and the power of alignment, earning him a spot at the right-hand of multiple CEOs, COOs, CFOs and subsidiary presidents.

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