Franciscus van de Logt, CEO, Enlightened Leadership

Franciscus van de Logt, CEO, Enlightened Leadership

  • Franciscus van de Logt is the CEO of enlightened leadership.
  • He has earlier worked for Shell.




Meditation has a history that goes back thousands of years, and many meditative techniques began in Eastern traditions. The term “meditation” refers to a variety of practices that focus on mind and body integration and are used to calm the mind and enhance overall well-being. Franciscus van de Logt, the CEO, of Enlightened Leadership, talks about meditation.

00:35- About Franciscus van de Logt

  • Franciscus van de Logt is the CEO of enlightened leadership.
  • He has earlier worked for Shell.
  • He has established meditation centers in several countries.
  • He’s a coach.

01:05- About Enlightened Leadership

  • Enlightened leadership is inspired by one of my yogic masters, I saw such harmony in him.
  • He had his organization where he was teaching youngsters how to set up a life well. He was a great inspiration for me.
  • Our success is based on economic success, but economics is only a part of life.
  • He inspired me to take the business to a more prominent place where you can really achieve things that are good for society without losing money.
  • Enlightened leadership means you lead with light. If you have more light around you, you see more of what can be improved.

09:42- What is meditation, and why is it important?

  • Meditation is minimizing our mental activities.
  • It’s about finding greater energy in yourself.
  • If you have great energy, your secret thoughts, and your vision can manifest.
  • With meditation, you start to concentrate deeply on your deepest own self.

13:58- Benefits of meditation

  • The main benefit is that it quiets down your anxiety.
  • You find more peace with yourself.
  • This is one of the highest purposes of meditation is to get a vision and to get the strength to execute this vision.

16:58- What you can conceive, you can also achieve?

  • It means that if you have an idea in life, and it’s subtle in your heart, you can achieve it.
  • This needs strength, this needs alignment with yourself, this needs concentration, and focuses on what you really want in life.


You can connect with Franciscus van de Logt- LinkedIn

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Franciscus has always been dedicated to the development of harmonious and effective organizations. A prosperous organization over a long time is the result of building an excellent culture.

Franciscus is his time ahead and from his youth, inspired by the yogi’s from the Himalayas. He established with some friends’ meditation centers in Indonesia, Holland and Poland. In Holland together with his friends thought more than 1000 people meditation of which many were executives.

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