Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital

Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital

Jaya Vaidhyanathan is currently the CEO of BCT Digital, spearheading the ‘Make Local, Go Global’ product innovation to tackle national issues such as NPA and Risk management in the Financial Services sector.



Fintech is one of the most demanded and trending sectors in the modern world today. With more and more finance companies establishing themselves in the market, technology remains the strongest tool these companies use to boost business.  

So what exactly is Fintech? And why is it continuously being talked about? Is the Fintech Industry futuristic?

Get all your questions answered! Today, TBCY features an accomplished leader and professional from the Fintech sector on the podcast. She is extremely experienced and has immense knowledge of the Fintech space. We welcome Jaya Vaidhyanathan.

About Jaya:

Jaya is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and global speaker. She is the CEO of BCT Digital. Jaya is also the Director of the UTI Asset Management Company. She’s a Computer Engineering Graduate and an MBA from Cornell. Jaya has been recognized and felicitated globally. 

In this conversation with our host, Jaya speaks about her journey as a Fintech Leader and answers some very vital questions with respect to the field.


What is Fintech? 

A professional who has worked in the industry for several years, Jaya defines fintech for the audience. She believes that since capital and technology are indivisible parts of our personal growth, Fintech automatically becomes a vital industry. 

If you draw a Venn diagram between finance and financial institutions and technology that’s what you get, so it is how tech is used for the financial services plan. That’s how I would define fintech. Why is it booming? Because both money and technology are in all aspects of your life and the synchronization of both is bound to influence us on a personal level”

She talks about her venture BCT Digital, an innovative Fintech products company. Jaya throws light on the stance of the Fintech industry in a constantly changing and digitized economy. 

She believes that newer technologies like powerful mobile connectivity, AI, predictive analytics, and overall connectedness are changing the face of the Fintech industry. The finance leader also simplifies cryptocurrency for the audience!

On India becoming a cashless economy:

Since technology is the main focus of the Fintech industry, we should be a step closer to becoming a cashless economy. On the subject, Jaya highlights the barriers that stop us from going fully cashless.

“I think I haven’t seen a 2000 rupee note in a long time which obviously tells me that the digital economy is here to boom and there is still a lot remaining to be done.  It’s more about the acceptance of digital payments in all forms throughout. Now you can use the rupee to make international buys. So I think it’s more about a lot that remains to be saved.”

Further, into the conversation, Jaya throws light on blockchains and analytics as well.

Inclusiveness plays a vital role in her leadership style. Jaya’s incredible experiences are visible through the crisp answers she gives. She is indeed a finance guru!


Jaya Vaidhyanathan is currently the CEO of BCT Digital, spearheading the ‘Make Local, Go Global’ product innovation to tackle national issues such as NPA and Risk management in the Financial Services sector. Her portfolio of skills includes driving product strategy, product innovation, Digital Transformation, Risk Management, M&A, technology delivery, and execution. Jaya has extensive experience in the BFSI/FinTech sector across US, UK, South Africa and India, both with large corporates such as Accenture plus Wall Street and building start-ups and product innovations for India and high-growth global markets. She currently also serves as the Independent Director on Board of UTI Asset Management Company since and is a member of their risk committee. Jaya began her career in US as an investment banker, specializing in mergers and acquisitions across technology, telecom, and utilities verticals with several top Wall Street firms. She was a Director & Head of the large deal business at HCL and won their first massive deal of $780 million. She was a part of the seeding team to build Accenture India, instrumental for its massive scale up and served as its Managing Partner for the Financial Services business. Prior to joining BCT, Jaya was the Executive Vice President of Standard Chartered Bank heading technology and strategy. Jaya Vaidhyanathan is a multi-award-winning Fintech innovator, a three-time winner of the prestigious Stevie Award, thought- leader, and a globally-recognized speaker. She is also the recipient Fintech Futures 2020 – Tech Leadership award. She has served as keynote and expert speaker in international events, forums, roundtables and panels across the US, China, Middle East and India. Jaya holds a management degree from Cornell University and is a computer engineering graduate. She also holds a CFA charter, and is part of the CFA Society, New York.

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