The Brand Called You brings you an entrepreneur from Kenya, Dhruv Pandit in an interesting conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg about Dhruv’s real-estate business and real-estate trends in Kenya.

Dhruv begins by sharing pivotal moments in his life. He tells us about the scope of work done by Fedha Group. Fedha is involved in real estate businesses in residential areas, villas, apartment blocks, shopping malls, and hospitality sectors.

Dhruv then shares how Fedha is creating sustainable buildings which are low in cost and good for the environment and the business for a healthy living environment for people. Fedha is also working in fully catered executive residencies where people are free to come in whenever they want and go. Dhruv calls millennials “global citizens” and tells us why they are not buying property, or even a car anymore and looking for more freedom.

Tune in and listen to this amazing conversation about business and the values of life!

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