Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleHealth & Chairman of the ScaleLA Foundation (Los Angeles)

Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleHealth & Chairman of the ScaleLA Foundation (Los Angeles)

Taylor McPartland is an experienced professional and a passionate entrepreneur from the healthcare industry aiming to build a global innovation healthcare ecosystem.  



“The team really comes first”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You we have with us a professional from the healthcare sector, Mr. Taylor McPartland. Taylor is contributing greatly to creating a supportive healthcare ecosystem. Taylor is the CEO of ScaleHealth and Chairman of ScaleLA Foundation. 

Taylor is very passionate about creating a global healthcare ecosystem. He shares with Ashutosh, his journey into the healthcare industry and the nitty gritty of startups that every entrepreneur should know! Taylor begins by listing the three key milestones of his life and career. He explains that the goal of his startup, ScaleHealth is to connect every innovator of the healthcare industry to build it into a strong community. He works with healthcare organizations, investment funds, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners and brings them together for a collaborative effort. 

Being a startup entrepreneur himself, Taylor shares the important aspects required to kickstart a business. He believes that having co-founders is very essential for emotional support and motivation. Taylor also talks in detail about raising money in startups.

He gives some worthwhile advice to aspiring startup entrepreneurs and asserts that emotional intelligence is one of the most important qualities one should possess is emotional intelligence and teamwork!


I have a passion for change and progress. I love hearing new, transformative ideas and finding ways to implement those ideas to make the world a better place. In 2010, I was fortunate enough to be a co-founder of FilmBreak/ CrowdfundX and have been directly involved in the Los Angeles area tech community ever since. It’s my firm belief that our tech community is on the verge of becoming the next great tech hub for innovation and progress because, not only does our region have the talent to create amazing companies, we have the foresight to grow them the right way. In an effort to bring this vision to life, I founded ScaleLA in 2016 with the vision to be the engine of progress in Los Angeles by building collaboration and communication between startups, community leaders, and public/private partners.
ScaleLA’s “10th Floor” is a physical manifestation of our vision – a 15,000 square foot innovation space designed to support healthcare innovation and startups that share that vision.

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