Anupam Yog, Co-Investigator – Mindfulness and Cities Research Project, UCL

Anupam Yog, Co-Investigator – Mindfulness and Cities Research Project, UCL

Anupam Yog is working towards building healthier cities that are fit for our mental, physical, and social health, around the world.  



Today at TBCY, we have someone who is working to create healthier and positive cities around the world, Anupam Yog in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. 

Anupam’s journey of mindfulness started when he went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat and he has never turned back since. Now he is working towards building healthier places that are fit for our mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Anupam talks to us about the increase in life expectancy since the last few centuries and how people are moving towards urban dwellings now more than ever. He links cities with our mental and social health, and describes his work being at the intersection of education, health, and cites. He talks to us about how our economies are built at the center of creating profits, and health should be the primary focus of city building. 

Anupam then talks to us about one of his projects called The Mental Health Gym, a gym where you can come and work on your mental health. You can run, meditate, sit quietly, talk to people, to relieve yourself from the stress. He then shares the health problems faced by city dwellers during the present times, across all age groups. He talks to us about creating safe spaces where people can rejuvenate themselves. He talks about viewing Mental Health Management as a Skill, reconnecting with oneself is of utmost importance for one’s mental health. He then shares his own way in which he uses the Ikigai tool and creates maximum impact in his life. 

Anupam talks about the importance of spare time the pandemic has given us the past year, and how he has used it efficiently to mark up a plan to achieve it. Tune in and get inspired by Anupam’s incredible journey, his views on mental health are noteworthy and inspiring!


Experienced Creative Strategist, Business Development Director, and General Manager; Entrepreneur, Urbanist, Researcher, and Curator of Knowledge Platforms and Global Communities. Chicago Booth MBA with 20 years + of cross-sectoral, international experience across private, public, and social sectors. Consistent track record of generating impactful ideas and high-performance strategies, that yield quality outcome. Currently based in Singapore, engaged in the portfolio of projects in Higher Education, Smart & Sustainable Cities, and Mindfulness.
• Business Development & Sales
• Networking & Community Management
• Strategic Account Management
• Partnership Curation and Development
• Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement
• Marketing & Brand Strategy
Masters of Business Administration (Strategy, Governance & Entrepreneurship) 2020
CORe: Credential of Readiness (Finance, Economics & Data Analytics) / Leading with Finance 2015 / 2016
School of Real Estate I & II and Advanced Real Estate Development 2015
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Political Science 1997 – 2000
NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Associate Director, SCALE (2019 – 2020)
NUS-SCALE is a new faculty in Singapore’s flagship university to support the SkillsFuture movement and drive lifelong learning in society.
• Invited to lead international marketing and strategic projects in newly formed Academic Programmes Business Unit, to
grow cross-university Post Graduate portfolio of 80+ programmes across 15+ faculties and schools
• As market leader for India within SCALE-Global, secured SG$ 500,000 in sales and built SG$ 1.5 MM pipeline; curated
experiential learning youth camps and international executive education programmes on sustainable cities
• Orchestrated curation, development and delivery of IARU (International Alliance of Research Universities) Lifelong
Learning Symposium in partnership with NUS Global Relations Office and IARU Secretariat
• Initiated partnership with Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Urban Land Institute (ULI) to curate and launch
executive education programme on Place Management for public and private sector professionals
• Collaborated with NUS Futures Office to explore new research on “City as a Campus”

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