Jack Sim, Founder, World Toilet Organisation

Jack Sim, Founder, World Toilet Organisation

  • Jack is the Founder of the World Toilet Organisation.
  • He is globally known as Mr. Toilet.




Personal hygiene might be represented as the guideline of keeping up cleanliness and grooming the outer body. We have known about the significance of cleanliness for many years. Keeping up personal cleanliness is vital for some reasons like personal, social, well-being, mental or basically as a lifestyle. Keeping a decent standard of cleanliness prevents the spread of diseases. Awareness must be created among the people so that they realize the importance of personal hygiene. Jack Sim, Founder, World Toilet Organisation talks to us about sanitation.

00:34- About Jack Sim

  • Jack is the Founder of the World Toilet Organisation.
  • He is globally known as Mr. Toilet.
  • He is a Serial Entrepreneur with 16 businesses turned Serial Social Entrepreneur with 8 social businesses.
  • His Motto: To Live a Useful Life.

00:45- About his journey

  • I didn’t do well in school, so I went directly to do business.
  • I created 16 companies in construction, real estate international, education, and manufacturing.
  • When I was 40, I searched around and found that toilets and sanitation was so neglected because nobody wants to fund it.

01:51- NOV 19- How does this help in propagating sanitation?

  • My job is to create legitimacy so that people start talking about it.
  • UN World Toilet Day, November 19 is our founding day.
  • We started in 2001 on 19th of November, and 13 years later it was adopted unanimously by 193 countries of the UN General Assembly.

03:49- What were some of your challenges and learnings while starting World Toilet Organisation?

  • If I don’t need to be funded to do the job, then I have to choose the one that is unfunded because the agendas that are neglected are as important as the agenda that are charismatic.
  • We have millions of people dying of diarrhea every year. We have polluted river we have a loss of tourism, we have a loss of income, whenever they are sick, and we have to solve this.
  • The idea is that find something nobody wants to do and go and do it because that is where you are needed the most.

09:08- How does culture impact building a toilet in every home?

  • Long ago, the belief is that a toilet should be far away from the house because then the pathogens don’t come to your house.
  • Today we have so many billion people  in the world, and we’re living so densely together, the disease spread is very fast.


You can connect with Jack Sim- LinkedIn

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Jack Sim, aka “Mr Toilet” is the founder of the World Toilet Organization and the BoP HUB and a leading global advocate for sanitation. Formerly in the construction industry, he founded the World Toilet Organization in 2001, after attaining financial independence at the age of 40 and deciding to devote the rest of his life to social work.

In 2001 World Toilet Organization (WTO) declared its founding day 19 November as World Toilet day.

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