Victoria Doxat, Thought Leadership Consultant and Executive Ghost Writer

Victoria Doxat, Thought Leadership Consultant and Executive Ghost Writer

  • Victoria is a Thought Leadership Consultant and an Executive Ghost Writer.
  • She’s the Founder of The Global Institute for Thought Leadership.



Martin Luther has said, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” If not directly changing the world, one can surely do it by changing one’s own life. We know the power of putting thoughts on paper through writing.

 And, who doesn’t love their favorite authors who have the power to transport us to a different world? These writers enter our hearts as they relate with us through their stories. It is reading such relatable books that help us develop ideas, inculcate healthy changes, or just feel the emotions we want to feel.

Today, we have a Thought Leadership Consultant, and Executive Ghost Writer Victoria Doxat who talks about her view of relating with the readers.

00:33- About Victoria Doxat

  • Victoria is a Thought Leadership Consultant and an Executive Ghost Writer.
  • She’s the Founder of The Global Institute for Thought Leadership.
  • She helps businesses plan, create and implement impactful thought leadership campaigns.

00:51- What is Thought Leadership?

  • I prefer to think of it as business philosophy so my background I’m actually a philosophy lecturer, and I’ve taught philosophy for over 15 years in the UK colleges.
  • When I transferred to Communications and Marketing, which is what I do now, I had that kind of philosophical background.
  • Thought leadership is a business philosophy. So it’s leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs thinking about their purpose, and vision, and then I help them to express that through rewritten content.

01:58- What is the process that you follow to encourage people to become thought leaders?

  • So a lot of it has to do with confidence. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who are incredible business minds, so they’ve run startups.
  • They have really visionary ideas and even though they have that sometimes they lack the confidence to share those insights.
  • A lot of it is actually making them aware that there is an audience for what they are doing and to help them connect with that audience by producing engaging content.

03:49- About The Global Institute for Thought Leadership

  • IF IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD, IT TAKES A TRIBE TO CHANGE THE WORLD Bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, industry experts and pioneering thinkers – the Global Institute For Thought Leadership brings together leading practitioners and theorists, who all share a common goal: Changing the world of ideas.

06:22- Work of a Ghost Writer

  • They basically write the book for the author.
  • When I go to write a book through the publisher I will speak with the author, I will understand their positioning, their target audience and the goals they have.
  • Through a series of interviews I will meet with the author, and we’ll discuss the content for each chapter, and then I will write that content up.
  • The views, the content, the ideas, the case studies, everything comes from the author. It’s my job just to make that readable.

11:55- Difference between writing White Papers and a Book

  • With a book, it’s nothing of me in there. So the book is absolutely authored by the author.
  • It’s all of their ideas and research, all I do is basically edit it into a format that is publishable.
  • White paper is very different because I work with corporates. I will do all the research myself, I will put together a strategy for them, I’ll do the planning of that, so there’s a lot of thought.
  • I love that because the book writing is more of a practical exercise, whereas the white paper thought  leadership is really about understanding the philosophy and then pitching that in the right way that’s going to generate leads.


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Victoria is a thought leadership consultant and executive ghostwriter with a background in teaching philosophy. She works with business leaders, entrepreneurs and large corporates to plan, create and implement impactful thought leadership campaigns.

She is a Senior BookSmith at Rethink Press where she helps authors to plan and write business books, many of which have become Amazon best sellers.

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