In this world of competition and getting to the top, it’s crucial that we understood the power of collectivism and conscious effort to help everyone around and not just yourself. Today we have on our show, a very successful entrepreneur from Israel, Josia Nakash who is working to help people grow consciously by making honest connections amongst people.

Josia is the Co-Founder of The CEO Collective and the Founder of Good Vibe Agency. She brings many years worth of experience on The Brand Called You. She talks about conscious leadership and tells us that it is the only way to go forward for brands. In the past few years, people have grown more and more conscious about which brands to buy from, and this demands strong conscious leadership to remain at the top of your game. Josia helps tech companies to grow from the bottom, she shares how she helps reduce the toxicity from the work environment in the offices by finding out what’s under the surface, she helps them to systematically invest in human connections. She tells us that “it’s not just about sales anymore” but the connection and vibe between people. A great conscious leader, she tells us how one can invest in collective growth instead of focusing on personal growth.

Josia has also worked as a sniper trainer in the Israel Army and she tells us how that has inspired her to turn the pyramid of corporate around and instead of trying to get to the top, she helps people grow and give back by helping everyone around them and fixing things in an organic way.

Tune in to listen to her incredible journey!

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