Anu Aggarwal, Founder, Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Anu Aggarwal, Founder, Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Anu is trained and mastered in meditation. She is an ambassador for UNHCR. She has also authored a book titled ‘Anusual’.



Anybody and everybody who likes to watch romantic Bollywood movies can’t deny that one of their favorite movies is Aashiqui. Aashiqui was a blockbuster and one of the factors for its success was its female protagonist, Anu Aggarwal. Anu has now turned into a social worker and has founded Anu Aggarwal Foundation, which focuses on maximizing potential and raising joy and peace.

For this episode of The Brand Called You, we feel privileged to invite the Aashiqui girl and a social worker, Anu Aggarwal as our guest. Anu is trained and mastered in meditation. She is an ambassador for UNHCR. She has also authored a book titled ‘Anusual’.

Founding the Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Anu talks about how once she had an out-of-body experience while she was undergoing surgery. She says that she saw her body lying like lifeless flesh and she couldn’t feel any attachments to it. She understood that in the end all humans are byproducts of love and compassion and the world holds joy and sadness in equal quantities for everyone. She realized that the world has given her a lot and she needs to come back to life to return it to the world. This is how the idea of starting a foundation came to her mind.

What does the Anu Aggarwal Foundation do to maximize potential and raise joy and peace?

Anu tells us that when she was out of her body, she realized that we are intentionally, and she emphasizes the word ‘intentionally’, meant to be joyous as we have come out of joy. When Maya surrounds you, you forget the primary aim of joy. 

When Anu came back to the world after spending two years in Sanyas, she saw that stress has held people captive to an extent that they don’t even have real smiles on their faces. She decides to work for the people and release them from their stress. As she tried to relax the people, they automatically started to feel joy. Talking about the techniques to make a person joyous, she says that 

  • First of all, you have to relax the person,
  • Then you have to make them laugh,
  • Take them away from their identification of this world and help them connect themselves with their super-self.

The concept of ‘Self’ and ‘Super-self’ and bridging the gap between the two

Anu explains that by ‘Self‘, she means the individual and by ‘Super-self‘, she means the self that is omnipresent and omnipotent. She says that the self is directly connected to the super-self. She tells us that if one looks at the ancient science called ‘Tantra’, it talks about the connection between self and the universe and the liberation meant the two of getting together. 

She also talks about microcosm and macrocosm. She says that when a microcosm realizes that it is a part of the macrocosm, all kinds of duality vanishes. Along with that, feelings like jealousy and aggression that hold back one’s progress vanish too. 

She also tells us that when you start to go into your super-self, your mind is the same as anybody else in the world irrespective of their nationality, caste, or breed.

Mental Health and Society

Anu believes that people are very cagey when it comes to mental health. They don’t want to talk about it because they have a fear that their mental health might be negatively taken by society. She says that we should stop our judgement on this topic and encourage people with depression by standing with them. 

She says that according to ancient texts, all our thoughts have negative or positive energy which is passed to other people by vibes. If the parents have anxiety and negative energy in their thoughts, it would certainly be passed to their children. So we should always be aware of how we react to things so that our negative energy is not passed to the people around us. 


Anu tells us that in an article about her, a journalist called her with the name ‘Anusual’ for the first time and later she picked it up for her book. She tells us that three years after she got into an accident, she had lost the memories of her past life, and also her right arm was paralyzed. As her arm was healing, she took that time to read the diary that was maintained by Anu before the accident. As she started reading it, she understood the importance of mental wellness and the power one holds. She understood nothing is impossible and the key to doing anything and everything is compassion and positivity. She felt a need of conveying it to the world and this is how ‘Anusual’ the book came into existence.


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