Wim Leereveld, Founding Chair, Worldbenchmarking Alliance

Wim is the Founder of Access of Medicine Index, an index that compares and measures the biggest pharmaceutical players in the world and analyses their social responsibilities.  



Did you know that over 2 Billion people in the world still have no access to basic medicine? At a time when urban people cannot think about living without their essential medicines, a huge population in our world is deprived of basic healthcare facilities. 

Wim Leereveld, the founder of Access to Medicine Index is helping these people in need with his enterprise. His Medicine Index compares the biggest pharmaceutical players in the world and analyses if they are fulfilling their social duties. His index rates these companies and puts the best performer on the top encouraging them to help in every way possible. Featured in the New York Times and Financial Times for his initiative, Wim takes us through his journey of starting this Index and successfully helping so many people around the world. 

Wim talks about the correlation of purpose and profit in business and shares how one cannot think about having a successful business without the CEO carrying his social responsibility. 

Tune in to this conversation and learn more about how Wim is making medicine reach the poorest sections of our world.


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