The earth will heal itself when we are gone but will our civilization survive this massive climate crisis that we are currently facing? Solving climate change is the need of the hour and now more than ever it has become indispensable to give back to mother nature instead of the other way around. The Brand Called You has looked into several ways in which one can achieve that with our guest Anshuman Bapna, Founder and CEO of, an organization that educates people about solving the climate crisis. Terra’s mission is to get 100 million people to work for climate change. An alumnus of IIT Bombay and Stanford, Anshuman has worked with several big corporations like Google and Deloitte. He informs us about the challenges our planet is facing due to climate change and shares the measures in which one can tackle this situation, if not completely reverse it. Tune in if you are concerned about climate change and wish to take action!

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