Anshuman Bapna, Founder & CEO,

Anshuman Bapna

Anshuman Bapna, Founder & CEO,

Anshuman is the founder of, an online school for climate change.  



Climate change is a reality for all, it is unbiased and unforgiving. Its most evident sign is the rising temperature we face each year. Scholars believe that we only have a few years left until we face harsher consequences of this change. Hence its prevention becomes the need of the hour and to do so, one must stop looking at climate change as a political subject instead, handle it as a humanist issue. Global leaders around the world have emerged in recent years who have asked every one of us to immediately take action and prevent this crisis resulting in millennials and gen z’s becoming better advocates of climate change prevention than any previous generation. 

Today we bring you a changemaker, Anshuman Bapna who is working to educate people about solving climate change around the world. An alumnus of IIT Bombay and Stanford, Anshuman has worked with many big corporations like Google, Deloitte, and Makemytrip, until he found his true calling. Now the Founder & CEO of, his vision is to get 100 million people to work for climate change. 

About is an online education platform that teaches individuals about solving climate change. This education is vital for every human being living on this planet. Anshuman shares the journey of the conception of with The Brand Called You. Since climate change is a broad subject, Anshuman shares how his company educates people from different backgrounds in a different way. He works with people from across all industries, from agriculture to the energy sector to make this a part of their daily lives. 

How much time do we have to make things right? 

“We have a certain amount of carbon budget which is the amount of carbon dioxide that we can still emit without having catastrophic changes to the planet and the big caveat is that even if we avoid, even if we stay within our budget a lot of our bad climate impact effects are already backed in and sea-level rise is definitely one of them where it seems like it’s very hard to turn the tide. So to speak on that, even now, even if you were to stop today, so that’s kind of the pessimistic message…”

On an optimistic note, Anshuman informs us that we have to question the way we run society right now to be able to solve climate change. Instead of using technological fixes, we have to work towards solving this crisis by altering our lives in such a way that we do not become a problem for our planet on an individual level. 

Anshuman informs us about the challenges our planet is facing due to climate change and shares the measures in which one can tackle this situation, if not completely reverse it. Tune in if you are concerned about climate change and wish to take action!


Anshuman is the founder of, an online school for climate change. Terra’s mission is to get 100 million people to work directly on solving climate change this decade. He’s a serial entrepreneur and co-founded and sold his first startup ( while an undergrad at IIT Bombay, seeing it through the first boom & bust on the internet. After his MBA at Stanford, he spent some time selling solar lights in Vietnam and working with an Indian Member of Parliament before returning to New York to work with Deloitte, then Google. Before, Anshuman was the Chief Product Officer of Makemytrip and Goibibo (NASDAQ:MMYT) which he joined after the acquisition of his startup

Anshuman is passionate about traveling, claiming to his credit both being chased (by a machete-wielding thug in Chile) and giving the chase (to a lioness in Gir forest) during his travels. He now lives on the Stanford campus with his wife and two kids, and often finds himself taking career advice from them these days.

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