Ram Ramanathan, Co-Founder Master Coach, Coacharya

Ram Ramanathan, Co-Founder Master Coach, Coacharya

Ram Ramanathan is a Master Coach for leaders who wish to embark on their Hero’s Journey.  



“Coaching can help a manager become a leader”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a senior corporate professional Mr. Ram Ramanathan. Ram is the Co-Founder of Master Coach. He is also associated with Coacharya. Ram has been the group president of Bhakri Group, Anand Group, and was a Global Senior Manager with Unilever. 

In conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Ram shares with us his professional journey and the many experiences he has gained on the way. Leading through the years of his professional corporate career, Ram discovered the profession of coaching. Now, a master coach himself, Ram has his own coaching ventures- Coacharya and Master Coach. Ram throws light on the nitty-gritty of coaching and what people should expect out of a life coach. He explains the benefits of having a coach and how professional managers can become leaders with the help of a coach.

What is Coaching? Why is it important?

A profession that is yet to get widely discovered, Coaching is an underrated skill. A coach helps individuals make progress in their personal or professional lives. Ram Ramanathan, a senior corporate professional and Master Coach is our guest on the podcast today. Ram believes that a coach is a person who works with another person with great respect and equality. He states that a coach does not provide advice or solutions but just creates awareness! He believes that coaching and mentoring are very closely related. Expanding individual coaching to large corporates levels is where coaches can contribute in maximum capacity. Ram believes that coaches can help the organization meet its goals/visions and individual aspirations, and doing it on a larger spectrum is highly cost-effective. Coaches help professional managers balance their communicative, collaborative, and delegatory skills along with controlled aggression. Ram firmly believes that coaching can help an ordinary manager turn into a strong leader!

Tune in to the full episode to know more about coaching and Ram’s journey into the profession.


In work or life, you are always ready for your Hero’s Journey to find your purpose. All you need is a coach to help you begin your journey. Let us start today.
– Builder of multi-billion $$ business
– 45 years of experience in corporate leadership
– Serial entrepreneur
– Angel Investor & VC
– Government Advisor
– C-Suite Coach and Leadership Trainer with a global reputation
– Credentialed by all major global coaching federations
– Accredited Trainer at all major coaching federations
– Author on leadership, coaching, and spirituality
– Keynote Speaker on leadership, coaching, and spirituality
– Creator of Mindlessness process, creating awareness beyond Mindfulness

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