A Room without Art is like a Body without a Soul.

A Room without Art is like a Body without a Soul

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We often look at paintings or sculptures and are left completely in awe of their enchanting presence, their detailing. Such is the beauty of Art. It not only reminds us of culture and heritage but also helps us shape our personalities. Art is appreciated differently by every individual. It is relative as well as personal. Art is evident no matter where one goes.

It can be appreciated in different forms like music, dance, paintings, sculpting, etc. And greatly impacts our mood and emotions. 

Seema Singh Dua, an artist, and violinist recently featured on our podcast. She shared her artistic journey with the viewers by talking about her work and passion. Seema, a sculptor asserts that Art is like religion to her. She believes that sculpting helps her detoxify her mind and has a calming effect on her. She also shares some very interesting tips on differentiating between original and fake art, art appreciation, value, and exposure for beginner artists. 

While sculpting is a unique and well-established art form, it is tapestry making that I was very curious about! Puja Bhakoo, a Tapestry Artist answered all my questions. In conversation with Ashutosh Garg, Puja enlightens the audience with her passion and her journey into the profession of Tapestry Making. Puja runs an organization called ‘Tapestry for Charity’, an initiative that makes use of her sale proceeds from her handcrafted tapestries towards the education and rehabilitation of underprivileged kids. 

“My plan was to turn ideas into Art!”


Puja’s tapestries have not only sold at a high demand but also display an indo ethnic touch to the Traditional European Art of Tapestry making! 

Who knew art could help build lives one day?

The Brand Called You has featured many such artists who have contributed to society while regenerating the value of historical art and culture.

 Mr. Abhishek Poddar, an avid collector of contemporary art, believes that India is the mother of a large number of high-value modern contemporary art. Abhishek’s journey into Art is very interesting and one of a kind! He expects Indians to support local art and artists. In his opinion, art takes flight when the natives value, promote, and engage with it! 

To conclude, I think the essence and beauty of Art are beheld in the eyes of the viewer and the many who deeply appreciate it! 

The Brand Called You, covers the stories of many such artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Visit The Brand Called You for content on Entrepreneurs and Professionals from a wide spectrum of various backgrounds.

We feature striking individuals with a strong professional background. And people who have impacted society in a very positive way. 


Visit The Brand Called You for content on Entrepreneurs and Professionals from a wide spectrum of various backgrounds. 



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