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Are you still keeping your hard-earned money in a bank fixed deposit? We have some bad news for you.

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Are you still keeping your hard-earned money in a bank fixed deposit? We have some bad news for you. With increasing inflation and decreasing return rates of bank fixed deposits, you are losing out on a golden opportunity to create wealth.


According to Business Standard, Millions of Millennials who had never invested before are piling into India’s stock market since the beginning of the pandemic. While most youngsters are now looking for early retirement, having a good investment portfolio becomes indispensable. Earning your financial freedom may be easier than you think!

How to invest?

So let’s find out where we can invest in this blog and learn “how to invest” from the experts in this industry. The Brand Called You has brought you two of the most renowned financial experts who share their valuable insights into investing strategically. 

Pashupati Advani, Founder & Chairman, Global Foray
Pashupati Advani, the Founder of Global Foray, on our show who takes us through different strategies of investing for beginner investors.

In season one, we featured Pashupati Advani, the Founder of Global Foray, on our show who takes us through different strategies of investing for beginner investors: 


Pashupati is one of the original members of the National Stock Exchange in India. He started his career in the financial market with Goldman Sachs. After a successful career of over a decade at Wall Street, he moved back to India and continued his work in the stock market.  


On Choosing the Right Investment:


Pashupati reminds us that choosing the right investment is all about “how much time do you want to give to this effort?” He strongly suggests putting your money into SIPs or having a combination of Debt and Equity to earn the tax benefits if you are investing below 5 lakh rupees.


“Invest in what you know, invest in businesses that you understand, invest in managements that you understand.” 


He explains that one must research the companies they are investing in, before investing in them. Also, he strongly recommends investing in things that you understand and leaving what you do not understand.


On Investing Through Brokers Vs Investing Yourself:


A broker is always going to earn money off your investments, but Pashupati believes that one must invest with the help of a broker in the early stages of investing. 


“Start with a broker, learn the process.”

Vinita-Idnani,-Partner,-Capital-League (1)
Vinita is a partner at Capital League, a wealth management company.

In another episode, we featured wealth expert, Vinita Idnani on our show. Vinita is a partner at Capital League, a wealth management company. Capital League is run by 17 women professionals and it acts as a family CFO for its clients.


Vinita shares her experience of many years of creating wealth and takes us through the basics of investing.


On Equity vs Mutual Funds:


Vinita informs us that making an investment is a personal choice. One must look at all the aspects of their investment, for eg, its liquidity, or tax implications, and then make a decision. She suggests young people have a good mix of diversified investments to have an attractive portfolio. 


“It depends on each person’s own requirements, what kind of risk profile they have, what are their life goals, what is it that they’re trying to achieve with their investments? So taking all this into account, one would decide what kind of asset classes they can get into because every asset class also comes with its own characteristics.”


On Investing in Assets other than Money:


It is vested in our culture to invest in either gold or land, our grandfathers used to do it and our fathers did it too. But things have taken a U-turn with wealth managers primarily focusing on liquid or financial assets.

Vinita reveals why this is happening:

She explains that our wealth is a combination of all our asset classes, physical, financial, movable, immovable, or our financial assets that we keep in our bank accounts or FDs that can be liquidated to meet our foreseen expenditure. As financial literacy is going up, people are moving more and more towards financial investments because of their liquid nature and moving away from illiquid assets. 


Vinita elucidates how wealthy retired people who may have a lot of assets are now “Asset Rich and Cash Poor.”  Meaning, they are struggling with their day-to-day money requirements despite having many assets. 


Why young people are not investing in permanent assets?

“Younger people live in a world with very few boundaries.”

As our world is becoming smaller they do not wish to get stuck with permanent assets. 


On the Right Age to Start Financial Planning:


“The earlier you start, the better.”


Vinita talks to us about cultivating the habit of investing. She explains that young people should start investing as soon as they can to become disciplined at it. Starting early will give them a roadmap or structure to achieve their financial goals early in life. 


She then talks about the wonder of compounding and shares how the earlier we start investing, the more we can enjoy the benefits of compounding. 


On Investing for Older People:


Older people who are generally retired are always in need of a stable income source. Since life spans have gone up, one must not live their life after retirement without joy. Vinita solves this problem by explaining how older people can invest to generate income. 


“The golden word here is diversification.”


She suggests that senior people have a diversified portfolio to enjoy multiple sources of income at the same time and advises them to choose their investments that have better tax advantages and are maturing at different points of time. Vinita opines that older people must not forget about equities in their portfolios.


Invest in multiple areas

Keeping your money in fixed deposits may give you some benefit with no risks. But experts advise you to invest in multiple areas to receive larger benefits. And to do that, one must learn from reliable sources, and you can always rely on The Brand Called You for that. Tune in while we keep motivating you to become the best version of yourself.


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