Mental Health is Real Wealth

Mental Health is Real Wealth.

Our psychological, emotional, and social well-being sums up the quality of our mental health.

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In this fast-paced world, physical health is given predominant attention and care. While attending to physical issues is necessary, it is extremely important to address and accept mental health and individuals in need of mental help. Mental health and mental conditions have not yet been completely normalized even in the most developed countries. 

While mental illnesses require an equal amount of recognition and attention as compared to any common physical illness, there is a great deal of stigma that revolves around mental health issues. 

However, given the Covid 19 pandemic, living under constant quarantine has led a number of people to come forward and talk about their mental health journeys. This in turn gave rise to a large number of people accepting their mental health issues and seek professional help. Over the last decade, more and more people have been highly vocal about the importance of a healthy mind. Mental illnesses are being gradually accepted as normal. 


Dr. Rajat Mitra talks about the importance of mental health issues

Dr. Rajat Mitra, a renowned psychiatrist who recently featured on our podcast – The Brand Called You, talks about the importance of mental health issues and the challenges people face. Taking professional help is a big deal for various individuals due to the taboo around the subject. He explains how the coming out of various mental illness survivors has in turn led to awareness. And more and more people have begun to consider therapy. Dr. Rajat highlights that –

“Mental health is multidisciplinary”. 

The Brand Called You has featured highly professional mental health experts who have spoken about the increasing importance of spreading awareness around the subject of mental health.

Surg. Capt. (Dr.) Asif Iqbal Ahmed, Founder PsyCare
Dr. Ahmed spoke majorly about the science of the brain and the experiences he has gained through his patients.

Another guest spoke passionately about the same issue. Surg. Captain Dr. Asif Ahmed, a graduate from the Armed Forces Medical College and Founder of PsyCare (a Psyche center), talks about his patients and the experiences he has gained in the field. Dr. Ahmed draws his inspiration from his patients. He is an inspiration to many. Dr. Ahmed was drawn into the field due to his affinity and empathy towards other human beings. He strongly believes that while progress in the psychological field is consistent, there’s a lot yet to be unraveled. 

Dr. Ahmed spoke majorly about the science of the brain and the experiences he has gained through his patients. 

Dr. Kerry Sulkowickz discussed the challenges faced by mental health patients

While on the other hand, Dr. Kerry Sulkowickz the President of the American Psychoanalytic Association, discussed the challenges faced by mental health patients. And the symptoms and behavioral patterns of individuals requiring mental help. He explained how parents can figure out if their children are in need of professional help. 

Dr. Kerry believes that,

“Success is not how much money I make, it’s about having fulfilling experiences”

And he definitely achieves these fulfilling experiences by helping other people!

Each guest portrayed the issue of mental health stigma and its impact in a very coherent manner.

All aspects of life are affected and connected to our mental well-being. Mental health defines our decisions and the relations we maintain throughout life. It is a topic that needs to be broadly addressed and accepted as normal by every member of societ

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