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“If you empower a woman, she empowers the whole community”.

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Women have done wonderful things in our society and they continue to do so, from fighting against injustices to raising awareness about global warming, fighting against racism, or child abuse! 

We all have heard of Mother Teresas and Greta Thunbergs of the world, but there are many women who have been working and fighting for what they believe in and their stories go unheard. The Brand Called You has brought for you, stories of such strong leaders and changemakers who are playing an important part in making this world a better place to live in for the generations to come. Read this blog and get inspired!


Ria Sharma, Founder, Make Love Not Scars
Changemaker and UNICEF Global Awardee, Ria Sharma

In season one of our podcast, we featured Changemaker and UNICEF Global Awardee, Ria Sharma who is working to support acid attack survivors and prevent the attacks on women in our country. A Leeds Arts student, Ria was leading a comfortable life when she came across a picture of an acid attack survivor and her life hasn’t been the same since. What started as a college project, Ria has made it her life’s mission to provide medical care, justice, and solace to the survivors. “It’s not about the way that you look, it’s about what you do in life”, she tells all the victims, that their life is much more than their face! Her NGO “Make Love, Not Scars” is helping the survivors stand on their feet again.

What can society do to create awareness about acid attacks? https://youtu.be/mezXtz6r7y4


Dr. Noorjehan Safia Naaz highlights the need for a separate feminist movement for Muslim Women in our country.

In another episode, TBCY features Dr. Noorjehan Safia Niaz who highlights the need for a separate feminist movement for Muslim Women in our country. This interview brings forward issues that have been side-lined by our society such as the insecurities of Muslim women around marriages and divorce, parda practice, and much more. Noorjehan, an activist and co-founder of Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) has played a major role in the legislation against Triple Talaq. She tells us how these oppressive practices against Muslim women aren’t sanctioned by the Quran but are perpetuated by the patriarchal society. Noorjehan is currently working in order to codify the Muslim Family Law in India, “If partition had not happened, we would have gotten our first codified law”, she tells us while talking about her work regarding the same.

Triple Talaq Activist explains the need to have a separate Muslim Feminist Movement with Dr. Noorjehan Safia Niaz- https://youtu.be/lLAFNntKF_I


Pooja Rai, Founder & CEO, Anthill Creations
Pooja understands the importance of play in everyone’s life.

One more woman who is driving change in our society is Pooja Rai who appeared on the second season of The Brand Called You. Pooja is a millennial and an entrepreneur who is working in a very interesting role as the Founder of Anthill Creations, a non-profit organization that builds playgrounds for children all over the country. Pooja understands the importance of play in everyone’s life and has taken it upon herself to build inclusive communities through these playgrounds. These playgrounds built by Pooja will not only help in the holistic growth of children but also produce opportunities for the local vendors, carpenters, electricians, etc to generate income at the same time. She is driven to create something that will last a lifetime and we are so inspired by her initiative!

Listen to the story of an entrepreneur who builds playgrounds for children – https://youtu.be/2LB1HqPtiRA


The change will come when we feel RESPONSIBLE for making a difference. These women are making things happen and inspiring us at the same time! Listen to their stories on our podcast.


The Brand Called You features many more women who are working to build inclusive communities around the world. Tune in for our next blog and read some more awe-inspiring stories!


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