Ramesh Menon, CEO, Radio and Digital Audio, HT Media

Ramesh Menon, CEO, Radio and Digital Audio, HT Media

CEO– Radio & Digital Audio and Head- Digital Innovation and New Projects



“After covid” world made us realize the fact that change is the only constant. Staying relevant in business and changing according to the market is the only way to go forward. Today we bring you a guest who talks about a change in his line of business, a shift from radio to podcasts, Ramesh Menon. Ramesh is the CEO of Radio and Digital Audio, HT Media and he talks to us about successfully shifting from the traditional radio to a podcast, evolution of audio platforms, how to create a successful podcast, millennials and podcasts, social media marketing, and more!

Ramesh has cross-industry, cross-geography experience of over 25 years of working in the corporate sector. He has worked with major FMCG companies like Pepsico, Colgate, Palmolive, ITC, and more. He now leads the transformation of the audio and radio industry at HT Media. 

The Evolution of Radio and Audio Industry

All good things must evolve. Ramesh talks to us about the evolution of radio in recent years due to the coming of podcasts. He talks about changing customer expectations and how one must stay relevant at all times to stay at the top. With the ever-reducing attention spans of people, it has now become very important that one must innovate and re-establish themselves on a consistent basis to keep up with the game. 

How is Social Media Changing the Advertising Industry?

Social media is the latest storm that has taken the whole world by a huge force. The businesses that want to outperform their competitors must have a good social media presence. Ramesh talks about the evolution of traditional advertising and shares how one has no other choice but to work on their social media with the consumers becoming more and more conscious of their brands. 

How to create a successful podcast?

It is no doubt that podcasts are the next big thing. But with so much content already available on the internet how must one create a successful podcast? Ramesh answers,

“Be very clear what you’re doing, what is it that you’re doing, for who is it that you’re doing it for, and making sure that you’re doing it right for that consumer. Number two, I think more important than anything else I find in many of these mediums, it is about being consistent.” 


CEO– Radio & Digital Audio and Head- Digital Innovation and New Projects

Ramesh has spent the last two years With HT media Incubating and setting up digital media start-ups and now also leads the transformation Of the Audio and Radio businesses, Radion One and Fever FM. He has rich cross Industry, cross geography experience of over 25 years across high complexity, intensely competitive industries such as FMCG, Retail and telecom, and now Media. He has been in leadership roles across companies such as Hypercity Retail, Future Group, Airtel, and Spencers leading change and transformation in mostly turn around and start-up situations. Prior to joining HT, he was CEO, of Future Group. Ramesh has also held senior roles at Pepsico, Colgate Palmolive, and ITC Ltd.

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