Amit Gupta, Promoter of Agrifields DMCC (Dubai) and Farmfields Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Amit Gupta, Promoter, Agrifields DMCC (Dubai) & Farmfields Pvt. Ltd. (India). 

Today on our podcast we have a determined entrepreneur with us, Amit Gupta in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Amit is the promoter of Agrifields DMCC (Dubai) and also the promoter of Farmfields Pvt. Ltd. (India). 



“Winning is not important, wanting to win is.”- Amit Gupta

Today on our podcast we have a determined entrepreneur with us, Amit Gupta in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Amit is the promoter of Agrifields DMCC (Dubai) and also the promoter of Farmfields Pvt. Ltd. (India). 

Amit shares his journey with us and gives us great insights on business, startups, and entrepreneurship. He tells us about the key milestones in his life. He then enlightens us on the different types of fertilizers. Amit tells us about his new Agro brand called Wafadar. He tells us that agro brands in India are a legacy, hence one must have a gold standard that doesn’t compromise on the quality to set up a new agriculture brand in the country. He then shares his experience of working in the Philippines and Senegal, stating that both the countries have a lot of potential.

Amit tells us that they were among the first people who brought organic water-soluble fertilizers to India. He then tells us about Agrifields Charitable Foundation which provides education and scholarships to underprivileged students. Tune in to find more!  

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Amit Gupta  is the promoter of Agrifields DMCC (Dubai) and Farmfields Private Limited (India). Born and brought up in Kolkata, completed his Bachelors in Commerce from St. Xaviers College, and M.B.A (in entrepreneurship) from Australia. Amit has pursued summer programs at London School of Economics, at Harvard University; and an advanced management program at London Business School of which he is an alumnus. Married to Vineeta Gupta, with two boys (Vikram in Grade 11 and Hudit in Grade 8) studying at The Doon School, in Dehradun. Amit is a member of EO (UAE Chapter) ; serves as the Regional Ambassador for the IFA (International Fertilizer Association, Paris) and is also part of the founding team at IFA Sustainability Working Group.
About the Business :
Agrifields DMCC is headquartered in Dubai, with business operations across various locations. The company has ownership in phosphate mines in Senegal, and is operating a Phosphoric Acid manufacturing facility in the Philippines.It is a fertilizer solution company from mining to production, and trading in finished fertilisers selling to the Far East and India market. Products traded include: Fertilizer Grade Phosphoric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, DAP, NPKs, water soluble fertilizers, and organic fertilizers like seaweed kelp, magnesium silicate and sapro agro. The organic fertilizers are sourced from Australia, New Zealand and Latvia and is sold in India through its Indian counterpart Farmfields (P) Ltd headquartered in Hyderabad. Farmfields is having its own distribution network in India selling bulk and organic fertilisers. Firmly believing in the philosophy that business has a social responsibility, Agrifields Charitable Foundation was formed in India with a primary focus to help the farmer communities in India, provide scholarship to their diligent children and assist them in pursuing agriculture related higher studies. Agrifields also did a large scale trial of pure organic farming in the farms at Al-Khawneej (Dubai) by providing package of seaweed kelp, sapro agro, sapro elixir and Magsi. The results were very encouraging on crops like tomato, coriander, brinjal, fenugreek, corn, and watermelons. Desert sand was used as a base, combined with organic fertilizers to create a new top soil on which the crops were grown and fed with
drip irrigation. The success of this model is further being worked with the local authorities and may prove to
be a solution to the vast barren lands in India particularly in the Kutch region. This was under the vision and
guidance of Late Mr. GS Gupta (Amit’s father) who was also the founder of the Group.

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