Today on our podcast, we have with us a celebrated author Milan Vohra in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Milan has authored three books titled, The Love Asana, Tick-tock, we’re 30 and, Our Song. She’s the first Indian author to write for Mills and Boons. In her own words, Milan juggles advertising and fiction.

In the interview, she tells us about the three key milestones in her life. Coming from a corporate background, Milan’s life was changed forever when she won a short story competition and she’s never looked back. She tells us that honesty, patience, and authenticity make a good writer. She then shares her writing style with us and tells us that she likes to write only when inspired, like so many of us. When asked about what success meant to her she shares a moving incident with us and tells us that the positive impact she has on her readers is a success for her.

She advises young people to get enough sleep and stay healthy. She also asks them to stand up for themselves and not wait for someone else to do it for them. Tune in to listen to this interesting interview. Tune in for more!

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