In this episode, Ashutosh Garg converses with Priyanka Mathur, the founder, and CEO of MediPocket. Priyanka’s vision is to redefine healthcare by providing affordable and on-demand care for everyone regardless of their insurance or socio and economic status. She is a healthcare visionary who believes that cost and time matters in order to achieve adherence and efficient treatment.

Priyanka shares with us the three key milestones of her life. The healthcare visionary talks about MediPocket, her venture in healthcare. She attempts to define the phrase ‘taking control over one’s health’. Later in the episode, Priyanka elucidates how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being implemented in her healthcare business; a unique but effective combination.

Priyanka foresees how the advent of modern technology will change the future of healthcare. In the section that follows, Priyanka talks about her role working as a volunteer to develop rural education in India. She shares her experience teaching entrepreneurship to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

In the section that follows, Priyanka talks about the core values ingrained in her business and defines her interpretation of success. The multifaceted professional shares with us the biggest learnings from her failures. Before concluding, Priyanka advises the aspiring medical professionals.

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