Anas Rahman Junaid, MD & Chief Researcher, Hurun India

Anas Rahman Junaid, MD & Chief Researcher, Hurun India

Anas Rahman Junaid is an accomplished entrepreneur and the Managing Director and Chief Researcher with Hurun India.  



“Art can be one of the best investments to make”

About Anas Rahman Junaid:

With us on The Brand Called You, is Anas  Rahman Junaid- an accomplished entrepreneur and the Managing Director and Chief Researcher with Hurun India. He was previously associated with KPMG. Anas is also an angel investor and an investor in Indian Art. 

In this interview, Anas talks in detail about the work he does with Hurun and his other interests. A keen art investor, Anas gives some very good advice to individuals looking to make investments in profitable markets. Anas believes that art is a very beneficial asset to those looking to invest. And on the brighter side, it also adds color to your living room! He suggests the viewers be careful while picking the right artist and the right kind of art. He personally tries to support young upcoming Indian artists rather than established art platforms. To him, promoting Indian art and culture is very important and close to his heart! Watch the full episode to know how to make the right investments. And the stance of traditional art in the modern digital age.

About Hurun India:

Hurun India is a venture that produces global economic reports. Through these reports, they try to tell the stories of the modern economy through the eyes of the entrepreneurs. They try to make this data as quantifiable and as objective as possible. Topics are divided into lists that jot down the wealth of several entrepreneurs across the country and the globe. Hurun talks about many topics like women entrepreneurs, responsible entrepreneurship, sustainable companies, etc. Hurun India, started about 21 years ago by a British Chartered Accountant Rupert Hoogewerf is one of the leading investment, media, and research businesses in the world. And is best known for the Hurun Rich List.


Post his stint at KPMG, Anas Rahman Junaid (ARJ) graduated from the University of Oxford in 2011, post which he was working with the Financial Services Authority, United Kingdom. He met Rupert Hoogwerf, the Chairman of Hurun Global in 2012 and ARJ researched the first Hurun Global Rich List.

Post the successful launch of Hurun Global Rich List, Anas was offered to work for the Hurun Report. He declined the offer and instead invested in the business to become the co-founder of Hurun India. Since 2012, ARJ is focused on researching and speaking about Indian entrepreneurs, philanthropists, businesses, and artists. 

During the course of the last 8  years after the inception of Hurun in India, he has emerged as the spokesperson for Indian wealth creation. He believes that wealth creation is a fantastic thing and transparent wealth creation deserves respect and inspires others. He is also an active angel investor and an avid collector of the works of upcoming Indian artists. Through the various lists, his mission is to inspire exciting new wealth creation in the country (The Rich Lists), thousands of crores of philanthropic activity (The Philanthropy Lists), increased appreciation of Indian art (through Hurun Art Lists), and others.

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