Anish Patel, Founder, The Mind Maestro & Owner, Aims Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.

Anish Patel, Founder, The Mind Maestro & Owner, Aims Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.

Anish is an entrepreneur with a wide range of life experiences.  



Leadership sits at the heart of building a successful business. One of the most important qualities a leader can have is the ability to learn and empathize more with his/her people. Today we bring you an expert who talks to us about building good relationships amongst the organization.

Anish Patel is the Founder of The Mind Maestro. A very successful businessman and the owner of his family business, Anish has developed great interpersonal skills in his almost 20 years of professional experience. He founded The Mind Maestro to share his knowledge and experience with the whole world. He helps people restructure their leadership style through effective communication and active listening. Also a part of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Anish reveals the essence of forums for our viewers. 

“I love forums because it’s one place where I have permission to fail.”

What is a Forum?

An entrepreneur is believed to live a lonely life at the top. There is hardly anybody to guide him or take him through the sea of difficulties he faces on a daily basis. Hence forums are essential for entrepreneurs to find like-minded people who may be going through the same struggles as them. Forums like YPO, and EO guide entrepreneurs by having open and honest discussions. Anish shares how forums are built and if they can be applied to workplace and family situations.

According to Anish, forums solve problems by having vulnerable discussions with fellow members, hence he applies the same strategy to his leadership and family life as well to have better relationships with people around him. 

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team 

Anish has formed his leadership style inspired by the book written by Patrick Lencioni, “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team”. He lists out the 5 dysfunctions for us: the absence of trust that leads to a fear of conflict in the team, which results in a lack of commitment and hence avoidance of accountability, finally leading to inattention to the results. Anish talks about building stronger relationships that are also accountable.

Tune in to this interview and learn how to manage and lead effectively.


Anish is an entrepreneur with a wide range of life experiences. He is open-minded to share his experiences and learnings through training and facilitation. Anish believes passion and sense of purpose fuel successful strategies and create a successful organization. His background includes creating vision, values, purpose, strategies, and developing leadership skills. Apart from being successful in his family business and as a facilitator, he was served at various top-level business associations which enhanced his interpersonal skills and exposure. He is actively involved in CII’s Young Indians, All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association, and Entrepreneurs Organization. Anish also believes in philanthropy and does through Round Table, United Way, and socio-religious organization – BAPS.

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