Ashutosh Garg, CEO & Founder,

Ashutosh Garg, CEO & Founder,

Ashutosh is the Founder of and the Co-Founder of Bloomreach.  



“For every successful organization, the key to their success has been their people.”

Today on The Brand Called You, we have with us a very successful Entrepreneur from California, Mr. Ashutosh Garg. Ashutosh is the Founder of and the Co-Founder of Bloomreach. He has also worked with Google, IBN, and Microsoft. 

Ashutosh shares his story and the experiences and learnings he has gained on the way. He begins by sharing the three key milestones of his life and career. He strongly believes that getting into IIT was a major milestone. Ashutosh further goes on to talk about his venture, He shares that the main goal of has been outsourcing talent and employment. On both, an individual as well as company basis. 

Understanding people’s potential, as well as their role, is also a very important aspect. They discuss the importance of technology and tools and how they help in mitigating biases. Ashutosh shares the three pillars of his business and how they are each unique in contributing to their clients. Ashutosh also throws light on the importance of the Human Resource department and how it has changed over the years. 

He gives his success mantra. And believes that a life lived with purpose, is a life well lived!


Eightfold (fka VolkScience) is industry’s first Talent Intelligence Platform, built for enterprises, to address Talent Acquisition and Management in a holistic fashion. Platform is built with three pillars in mind:
* First, we believe that people are every enterprise’s greatest asset, and we want to put them at the center. We aggregate all people data within an enterprise – from applicants to alumni – which is currently siloed across many different point solutions. This becomes the richest & most comprehensive Talent Network for each enterprise.
* Second, we use data to provide intelligence on what people are capable of doing instead of just what they have done in the past. This allows enterprises to more effectively match people to the right opportunities.
* Finally, using AI the platform continuously learns from enterprise and individual performance to predict future roles, performance and career alternatives.

12 years 1 month
March 2016 – Present (5 years)
Mountain View, CA
CTO and Co-Founder
February 2009 – February 2016 (7 years 1 month)
Google Inc.
Staff Research Scientist
March 2004 – May 2008 (4 years 3 months)
IBM Almaden Research Center
Research Staff Member
February 2003 – March 2004 (1 year 2 months)

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