Tarun Sardesai, Founder, Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy at Zion Hills Golf County

Tarun Sardesai, Founder, Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy at Zion Hills Golf County

Tarun is passionate about teaching, mentoring, and the development of the game of golf. He is a coach who runs an academy that teaches Golf alongside conventional education for the holistic development of the players.



Golf as a sport is always given bad press for not being a real sport. Today on our show, we have a gold coach, Tarun Sardesai in conversation about Golf Coaching and much more, tune in!

Tarun started playing golf at a very young age, much to everyone’s surprise, strange glances were a part of his life since he took on golf professionally. After a few years of playing, his game went down and he was suggested to become a coach by his own coach. Saying yes, disheartened, Tarun found his true calling in teaching the sport once he learned about the intricacies of Golf and now he wants to become the best coach of India. 

In the interview, he tells us the method of training one has to go through to become a great golfer, one must focus on the holistic system, mental and physical aspects of life. In 2013, Tarun started his own academy called Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy which became a residency school by 2016. His academy provides children with conventional education alongside Golf training, with the primary focus being on golf. Tarun talks to us about the response of parents to his academy and he shares how parents are now conscious of what their children want to become.

Lastly, he shares the science involved in teaching golf. According to Tarun, the subconscious mind plays a major role in the performance of a player. He tells us how the player should live like a world-class player to perform like one. 

Tune in to listen about Tarun’s noble idea behind setting up this academy!


After playing professionally on the Indian Professional Golf Tour for 4 years, Tarun moved into the coaching space in 2003 under the guidance of his then guru Donato Di Ponziano. He very soon made a mark in the world of coaching with players like Sharmila Nicollet who became the youngest Indian woman to qualify for the Ladies European Tour in 2011, Aditi Ashok, who is currently on the LPGA tour in America and National Champions Trishul Chinnappa (2014) and Aryan Roopa Anand (2019). He also coached Viraj Madappa to his first professional win at the Take Solutions Masters in 2018 where he became the youngest Indian to have won on the Asian Tour. 

Tarun’s penchant for learning puts him in the league of men and coaches whose teaching is driven not only by experience but also by knowledge and science. He is not only up to date with all the goings-on in the world of golf coaching, but uses this effectively to give his students high-quality information – the best they can possibly access. In early 2013 he set up base at the now Zion Hills Golf County to build a junior development program rooted in creating a love for the game and nurturing talent. In 2016 he pioneered Indias first-ever residential golf academy with academics from the 6th to the 12th grade which is located at the beautiful Zion Hills Golf County in Kolar. Since then, the academy has grown and reached greater heights with its determination to create an environment of excellence that allows young golfers to live their life like elite athletes. He conducts classroom sessions on aspects such as routine, handling pressure, discipline, mental process, and a whole series of topics related to practicing, playing, and living like a champion. He works tirelessly to continually build processes that better integrate golf, academics, and sports science. Tarun is passionate about teaching, mentoring, and the development of the game of golf.

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