Nidhi Bhasin, Deputy CEO, Concern India Foundation

Nidhi Bhasin, Deputy CEO, Concern India Foundation

Nidhi Bhasin is the Deputy CEO of the Concern India Foundation.  



“I’m open to learning from everything”

The Brand Called You brings a professional from the field of development Nidhi Bhasin. Nidhi is the Deputy CEO of Concern India Foundation. 

Nidhi is in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg about her extraordinary work and life journey. She begins by listing the three key milestones of her life. She further talks about her organization- Concern India Foundation. The purpose of the Concern India Foundation is to provide financial and non-financial support to grassroots organizations. And help them be self-reliant. 

Nidhi shares worthwhile anecdotes and stories of the several people she’s helped. And how her organization has helped impact hundreds of lives through their work. She shares that Concern India Foundation stands on the pillars of honesty, accountability, transparency, credibility, commitment, and integrity!

She believes that minute groundwork and hands-on planning by her entire team have helped her organization grow considerably! 

Nidhi also talks about the challenges faced in the course of her work and the changes that Gen Z and millennials have made to the development sector. 

Her opinions are empathetic and inspiring


Key Experience

  • Business Development and Revenue Generation: through various streams like corporate social responsibility programs, institutional partnerships, individual donations, events etc.
  • Finance and Compliance: strengthening systems for both within the organisations and for external stakeholders.
  • Team Building and People Management: recruitment, retention, motivation and nurturing the various teams to deliver on objectives.  
  • Programme Management: development and strengthening of monitoring and evaluation systems in diverse areas of education, health, community development, natural resource management, disaster rehabilitation etc.

Operation and Processes:  have developed and streamlined processes to enhance efficiency in operations at various levels.

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