Bhushan Kummar, Poet turned Brand Specialist, Founder, Creative Monk

Bhushan Kummar, Poet turned Brand Specialist, Founder, Creative Monk

Bhushan is a Poet turned Brand Specialist. He is the Founder of Creative Monk. He has abundant experience and is a unique branding guru.



Today we have a very unique guest with us on the podcast! The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome Bhushan Kummar. 

Bhushan is a Poet turned Brand Specialist. He is the Founder of Creative Monk. He has abundant experience and is a unique branding guru.

In this interview with our host Ashutohsh, Bhushan takes us through his journey from being a creative poet to traipsing into brand specialising. Ashutosh and Bhushan discuss the role of branding in a pacing and highly digitized world. Technology is continuously changing the way one is doing business. Everything including branding and business are being moulded to suit modern technology.

Bhushan who is a leading brand specialist, talks about some very important aspects of branding. Bhushan highlights that being unique often makes a brand stand out.

When asked what makes a successful brand, Bhushan replies

“What I believe is that a brand is one single idea told consistently. Two things come here:

  • single idea because singularity of thought is very important. 
  • And also the consistency because it is very tempting to say new things.”

He strongly believes that whether it is online or offline, branding should be driven with purpose and consumer insight. Understanding your own brand and its needs is a very important stepping stone for entrepreneurs. In his opinion, money does not build a brand the idea and purpose behind the branding does! Bhushan does believe that technology has changed the branding game but has a lot of faith in traditional branding.

Bhushan takes us on his extraordinary journey and reminisces about his days as a poet. He shares how his poetry makes him stand out uniquely as a brand specialist. 


I am an Image consultant for A brand and growth driver for a business.

You could even call me a poet, turned Brand specialist evolved into a Digital Branding specialist. 

I am a lifelong learner.

You could even call me an engine that pulls small businesses and gives them impetus on their journey by generating leads with social media advertising – for example, Facebook ads.

This, however, is not an empty claim. I have been certified by competent authorities as a digital marketer person with a specialization in Facebook ads, Google ads, and content marketing.

I have also been certified for SEO and SEM so that I can lead campaigns with a holistic approach for clients. Over the years I have run many social media/digital campaigns for clients from various industries with good results.

I have been working in the area of digital marketing for the last 6 years and have a proven track record. What makes me different from other digital marketers, and helps me stand out, is that I have migrated into digital marketing from advertising. This helps me understand the importance of creativity and implementation. I use my consumer knowledge and insights collected over many years to connect with audiences through apt campaigns.

My employment history 

This long journey began Everest advertising in 1990.  AFter 2years 6 months  I moved to   Lowe (the erstwhile Lintas). That was where I learnt about how to create brands out of products. That was where I learnt that brands exist on ideas. That was where I learnt that a day spent without thinking of ideas, was a day wasted.

From here I moved onto Ambience, where I worked on some of India’s most famous brands, Parachute Oil (and variants) by Marico, TVS motorcycles and Good Knight mosquito repellent, amongst others. This was where I learnt responsibility; a parental kind of instinct towards nurturing a brand and growing it.

All that I learnt in my first 10 years of advertising was brought to the fore at Mudra, where I was the creative head for Big Bazaar, a retail giant that I was involved with from inception. Over years, I nourished this brand with ideas – growing it (and growing with it)  from 5 stores to India’s largest retail player, a category leader.

There was, however, one category I had still not experienced – automotive. And this was fulfilled at Interface, where I was the Senior Creative Director on Mahindra, a global giant in the automotive sector on their Commercial Vehicles and Personal Vehicles.

Having played the advertising game for so long, I find that one can do wonders with that experience in the digital world. Because my belief is that communication budgets do not create brands. ideas do. 

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