Bhavana Issar, Founder & CEO, Sambhaavna Partners & Caregiver Saathi

On today’s motivational episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us Mrs. Bhavna Issar. Mrs.Issar is the Founder and CEO of Sambhavna. She is also the Founder and of Care giver Sathi, a support system for caretakers.

In her opinion, Mrs. Issar has always pursued her purpose. She has explored various things in her career span.  She is an avid motorcyclist and has also been featured in a well known book. 

Describing her venture Sambhavna, she mentioned that it is an organisation that helps teams, companies and individuals to look through infinite possibilities by challenging thought. Mr. Garg and Mrs. Issar discussed the aspects that make an organisation better. They also discussed the importance of culture in an organisation. 

While informing about Care giver Sathi, Mrs. Issar talked about how the Indian healthcare system is designed for acute illness. They also talked on the topic on the status of care takers in the country.

Her passion for motorcycling had led her to discover herself in many ways. She is daring and extremely knowledgeable. 


Bhavana comes with nearly 24+ years of experience in diverse global companies as a consultant, an HR leader and a passionate person with diverse interests. She brings practical experience of accomplishments inside organisations along with a depth of professional knowledge, which she continues to challenge and build. She is the Founder & CEO Sambhaavna, a business consulting firm that specializes in Organization Development & HR, and Caregiver Saathi, a social enterprise that aims to create an ecosystem of well-being for the informal caregivers who are the primary caregivers to a family member with terminally illness or with chronic medical conditions. She believes that the healthcare system needs to be reimagined with the perspective of the caregiver, in a way that there is systemic social change such that technology can enable humanity.
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Additionally, she is
 Fellow and practicing facilitator in Process Work & OD Practitioner with Sumedhas Academy
for Human Context
 Global Ambassador for Global Moto Adventures, a platform that
supports women motorcyclists to achieve their dreams.
 Visiting faculty at Indian Institute for Management, Ahmedabad 





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