Luis Miranda, Chairman, Centre for Civil Society and CORO

We are delighted to have an extremely experienced personality, Mr. Luis Miranda on the show today! Mr. Miranda is an MBA graduate from Booth School of Business, Chicago. He is a Chartered Accountant. He has also been involved in the setting up of the HDFC Bank and IDFC private equity. Mr. Miranda is the Co-founder of the Indian School of Public Policy and Chairman of the Centre for civil society. According to Mr. Miranda, his core skills are to connect with people, communicate  and form a social network. At the centre for civil society he trained and educated about ten thousand students about economic freedom for prosperity in the country. He believes that the ‘Centre’ is a buzzword. He explained properly the meaning of a civil society. And why it is important to live and work along with society. Mr. Garg and Mr. Miranda discussed the influence of politicians on the public policy framed in India. They also discussed a comparison of the economic models of India and China. And why economic models are important for the country. This conversation with Mr. Miranda is insightful and very engaging!

Luis Miranda, Chairman, Centre for Civil Society and CORO


Luis Miranda is Chairman of the Centre for Civil Society and CORO. He has been involved in setting up 2 highly successful companies – HDFC Bank and IDFC Private Equity. He is a Co-Founder of the Indian School of Public Policy. Luis spends his time, with his wife, connecting dots; using their networks to help the organisations they are connected with. He is also on the board of Educate Girls and SBI Foundation and co-founded, Take Charge, a mentoring programme for Catholic youth in Mumbai. Luis is also Chairman of ManipalCigna Health Insurance and Senior Advisor at Morgan Stanley.

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