Pankaj Kulshreshtha, Founder & CEO, Scienaptic Systems

After spending about 20 years in financial services and analytics, I started Scienaptic Systems, a new age big data and AI platform.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming everything it touches and for our greater good! It is making things more accessible and easy. Today we bring you the Founder and CEO of Scienaptic Systems, Pankaj Kulshreshtha who is sharing his insights on AI in banking, credit eligibility, and more. Pankaj is a risk management expert and has 20 years of experience in financial services and analytics. His vision is to dramatically increase credit availability with the help of his company Scienaptic AI by reducing the bad debt for retail lending institutions.   

How does a lender evaluate a credit? 

How does a lender decide if you are eligible for a loan? This is a cumbersome process of checking and re-checking documents, bank statements, payments, and more. Pankaj shares an anecdote from his own experience where he was denied credit even after regularly paying his credit card bill by a banking institution. He shares how this became his motivation to do something about credit availability in India. 

Scienaptic AI vs other credit companies  

Pankaj talks to us about the evolution of credit giving, from conventional ways, where the lender personally knew your family background and income source, to the present time where these things are measured by a logistic regression-based scoring model. Pankaj’s mission is to use more advanced techniques like AI and machine learning to develop smarter algorithms. He talks about the challenges of previous models and shares how Scienaptic with it’s AI technology is solving those problems. Since AI is a self-learning technology, it keeps on evolving continuously hence facilitating better and faster decisions.

Banker Babu vs Computer Babu 

Will Pankaj’s software take away all the jobs of the bankers? Pankaj answers this question in a unique way. 

“The point is, I think people haven’t understood this isn’t a debate about AI versus people about creating technologies be it AI or digitization technologies and creating it in such a way that it becomes a decision support tool and it complements the human being so that human beings can actually do the thing, many times, I see banks going to the other extreme, so they have all these branches, there are hundreds of people in those branches and high expense locations but they have no freedom to actually react to a customer situation, then what is the point of having those people. So I think over time, I think technology development will continue to grow on how humans use and how we create customer-centered human plus machine systems.”

Pankaj is contributing to change the face of our banking system for everyone’s good. Tune in and get inspired by him!

“It is easier if you figure out an alignment of what business you are building to a fundamental strength of yours or a fundamental passion of yours because that helps you create meaning.”

Pankaj Kulshreshtha, Founder & CEO, Scienaptic Systems


After spending about 20 years in financial services and analytics, I started Scienaptic Systems (, a new age big data and AI platform. Our credit decisioning platform incorporates proprietary AI that is fully explainable and compliant with the regulations. We aspire to dramatically increase credit availability by reducing the bad debt for retail lending institutions.

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