Rajendra Bhinge, Chairman of Infiniti Retail Ltd (Croma), Nelco Ltd. and Tatanet Services Ltd

Today we have a very senior corporate professional with us. Mr. Rajendra Bhinge is a graduate from IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad. He is associated with the Tata Group of Industries. He is the Chairman of Croma, which is an infinity retail chain. Mr. Bhinge is also the Chairman of Nelco. 

Having attended boarding school since the age of 13, Mr. Bhinge learnt the importance of time management, focus and hard-work very early in life. After completing his education he went on to chair Nelco , a  Tata Enterprise for 12 years. He continued to work with Tata in various other departments. Mr. Bhinge has stood with the Tata group of industries throughout his vast career and helped the company grow. 

Mr. Bhinge advised that if the job one is working is fulfilling and making use of one’s skill sets fully, then there is absolutely no harm in sticking with one single business/company.  Talking about his vast career in Croma, he described Tata’s journey into an unorganised electronics retail store. And the challenges faced by him in managing the process.

Mr. Bhinge’s career has led him to contribute largely to the company anog to the society at large. He is focused and extremely goal oriented!

Rajendra Bhinge, Chairman of Infiniti Retail Ltd (Croma), Nelco Ltd. and Tatanet Services Ltd



Rajendra (Raju) Bhinge is Chairman of Infiniti Retail Ltd (Croma), Nelco Ltd. and Tatanet Services Ltd. He is an angel investor and Chairman of Sarotam Industrial Goods Retail Distribution Pvt Ltd. He is an Independent Director at Mahindra Consulting Engineers Ltd. As Chairman Croma, he drove a turnaround program redefining the business model and revamped the leadership team. Croma became profitable in FY 18 and is now growing rapidly to be India’s leading omnichannel electronics retailer. As Chairman Nelco, he helped restructure the company to focus on Satcom internet services.
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The company is now profitable, dividend paying and growing rapidly. It is the first in India to offer internet services on aircraft and ships. At Sarotam, as an angel investor and Chairman, he worked with the startup’s Promoter to refine the business plan, reduce funding needs and institute good governance. The store network is being expanded rapidly to make Sarotam the largest retailer of steel products in India. He was Executive Director Tata Industries Ltd till his retirement in May 2017. Earlier, he served on the Boards of several companies eg Tata Autocomp, Tata Johnson Controls, Tata Yazaki, Tata Toyo Radiators, Utkal Alumina Int, Tata Power Broadband and Computational Research Labs. In 1991, he established the Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG), which has become the largest Indian owned management consulting firm. As CEO (till May 2017) he led major consulting engagements in diverse sectors like Automobiles, Engineering, Consumer & Retail, Chemicals, Technology, Telecom and Government Policy.



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