Ankeeta & Viresh, Co Founders of Rivir

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Rivir is a footwear fashion tech brand that makes art wearable and personalize shoes. Our made to order model is disrupting the inventory ridden footwear industry. We provide customizable options, for those who are looking out to make a distinctive identity, through the clothes and footwear they wear. As we look ahead, we see a more responsible and well versed generation of buyers, who not believe in making their own unique identity, be socially conscious, and making a positive impact in the world that they live in. We as a brand reverberate this idea, and are creating a market to reach out to 410 million millennial. Our customers are of the age between 18-35 years, both males and females. We have garnered over 5000 happy customers in a span of 2 years. Our millennial target set are not only fashion experimental, but also have a desire to be different. From our unique array of artist design footwear, to customization options, we are getting repeat purchase requests to create their very own unique designs too! Our digital media footprint has quadrupled in the last year with over 50,000 sessions a month and garnering following and loyal customers, everyday. Rivir Shoes have a unique twist in designs, with the lowest turnaround time. The products are created within 24-48 hours post an order is placed. We bring to the table what none of our competitors in the designer space get, quick service. Large shoe manufacturers, provide quick delivery, but do not and cannot offer customization, neither do they have a large design variety categorically since they manufacture their SKUs in large quantities. Moreover, they fall prey to stocking of slow moving designs, and a large amount of their CAPEX goes into their inventory. Curated hand painted designers, on the other hand, are limited to hand painting shoes, which has very little scalability, a very high turnaround time.

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