Marisa Lazo Corvera, Founder and Director of Pastelerías Marisa

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Marisa Lazo Corvera, Founder and Director of ‘Pastelerias Marisa’, one of the most prominent baking companies in Mexico. Marisa is a qualified psychotherapist turned entrepreneur. Maria shares the inspiring story of starting her business from a garage. She shares the three key milestones of her life. She shares her experiences running her business with her children. She talks about ‘Pastelerias Marisa’, the biggest name in the cookie and cake business in the entire Mexico. Marisa’s success story is as delicious as a cookie. She shares the story of expanding the business to a point where 45,000 cakes are baked every week by 900+ employees. She talks humbly about her overwhelming success as a baker. Marisa analyzes the challenges startups face describing her case as an example. From a founder’s perspective, she tells what she looks for when hiring a person.  “85 percent of our employees are women”, Marisa says with pride. She talks about her involvement in several charitable foundations. She analyzes the role of millennials and Gen-Z in changing business. Before concluding, the highly successful woman entrepreneur shares her recipe for success.


Despite having studied psychology (with a master’s degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy), Marisa was carried away by her passion, desserts. Like many other great entrepreneurs, her story also began in her garage. Founder and director of Pastelerías Marisa since 1992. It currently has 83 branches, including Pastelería Tía Lola and Dolce Natura, adding a group of 900 collaborators. Her business philosophy is based on seeking to build a business that is of benefit to all who collaborate in it, where they have the opportunity for growth, feel valued, and where they receive much more than a salary. There are programs that dignify their homes, others that support their children with school supplies, as well as a directory with forty private doctors (including child and adult therapists), with whom they can make an appointment whenever they need it, without having to pay for it. This is a benefit the employees can access besides the state Social Welfare. We also have high school within the company and a number of human development courses, as well as skills that allow each employee to grow and be better people.

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