Yuktie Jhangiani Verma, Founder, Kosha

Yuktie is the Founder of Kosha, a global winter clothing brand. She is also a certified mountaineer.

“Follow your dreams, even if it’s unconventional!”

Today, The Brand Called You welcomes a very accomplished entrepreneur from Dubai Yuktie Jhangiani Verma. Yuktie is the Founder of Kosha, a global winter clothing brand. She is also a certified mountaineer. In conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Yuktie shares her professional journey and shares what makes her the grounded individual that she is today. Yuktie enlightens the audience with the concept of solo travelling and talks about how travelling led her to start her business- Kosha. A brand that provides lightweight and feasible winter wear. She talks about the products that her venture provides and how they stand out from traditional winter wear brands. Yuktie also highlights some challenges that she faced while building her brand. A mountaineer, Yuktie shares some very interesting anecdotes and explains how her experience in the mountains impacts her life and business. She believes in bouncing back in the face of failure. Her hard work and virtues have led her to build a brand that is unique and successful.

Yuktie Jhangiani Verma, Founder, Kosha


Yuktie founded Kosha because she wanted her family business in clothing to transition to a global brand. With frequency of travel increasing, there were many gaps identified in travel clothing; eg: a temperature regulating base layer, woolen socks that keep you warm without changing the shoe size and more. After 2 years and product testing in extreme conditions, Kosha’s clothing has been worn by the Indian Air Force on their summit to Mr.Vinson in Antartica. Travellers have given fantastic reviews from their travels to Sweden, Canada, France, UK, Croatia to name a few. Kosha has 2 stores in Bombay. The collection is also available on
Kosha.co, Amazon, Myntra.

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