Rashee Kuchroo, Managing Partner, Doggie Dabbas

Rashee Shah Kuchroo has always been passionate about animals. As a child, while others would read comic books she buried her head in various books related to dog breeds, their health, training, and behavior.

New Pet-parents are equally baffled when it comes to feeding their pets like humans. We all love our pets like our babies and we want what’s best for them. The Brand Called You brings you India’s Leading Pet Nutritionist who will solve all the problems you might have for your pet(dog) related to nutrition. What to feed them, what not to, how to know if they are sick, and more! 

But First, About Rashee Kuchroo 

Rashee has been an animal lover since she was a child. Born and raised in Mumbai, she went on to complete her undergraduate degree from Cardiff University, and her Master’s degree from Westminster University in London. Upon returning, she found out that her pet dog had become obese and his coat had shed. She took it upon herself to treat him, hence she learned animal nutrition online. She was amazed by how much her dog had improved only by changing his diet. Doggie Dabbas was born out of Rashee’s desire to impact other pets by keeping in mind their natural food requirements and feeding them fresh!

About Dog Nutrition 

Food is a miracle healer. Even in humans, if you shift your food intake to healthier options, your body feels better. The same goes for dogs. Rashee talks to us about what to feed your dogs. She tells us that one must keep in mind that they belong to a different species and need meat for a healthier body. She opines against feeding your dog milk and roti, which is generally done in India. By Doggie Dabbas, Rashee has created healthier and fresh food options that cater to the nutrition requirements of especially a dog. She recommends not feeding them vegetarian food. 

Food requirement of a pug vs labrador 

Dogs belong to the same species, hence their food requirements are basically the same. They all need the same food regardless of their type. But their portions and bite sizes may vary. 

Medical Interventions in Dogs 

Rashee talks about how taking care of nutrition keep health issues at bay. She gives us some basic advice on how to know if your dog is feeling unwell. The first signs include lethargy, personality changes, not eating their meals, and not being themselves. The more obvious signs to look out for include vomiting and grumbling. She answers our questions on when a dog needs medical intervention. 

“I think the way forward is most definitely a mix between allergy and homeopathic treatments, natural Ayurveda treatments for dogs, vaccinations are important.”

She also suggests that one should always get their dog tested before revaccination. 

Rashee Kuchroo, Managing Partner, Doggie Dabbas


Rashee Shah Kuchroo has always been passionate about animals. As a child, while others would read comic books she buried her head in various books related to dog breeds, their health, training, and behavior. Born & brought up in Mumbai, she completed her ICSE from Cathedral & John Conon School. She finished her A levels (11th and 12th Grade) in Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics & Biology from Millfield School in Somerset, England. (2004-2006). She then went to complete her undergraduate degree in Economics, Accounts & Business Management from Cardiff University (2006-2009), followed by a Masters in Marketing Communication from Westminster University in London (2009-2010) Upon returning to India she found her Labrador, Sloppy had put on weight and he had lost his puppy white coat. At the time he was eating packaged food while her other 2 dogs were on home-cooked diets. Seeing the difference in their health she decided to change Sloppy’s diet as well. This prompted her to take a keen interest in nutrition and she ended up doing a short course in Canine Nutrition online.


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