Preet Dhupar, Chief Financial Officer, IKEA India

In this episode of The Brand Called You, we have another leader as our guest, Preet Dhupar in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Preet is the Chief Financial Officer of IKEA Group India, she is also a Chartered Accountant. She started her career in the corporate sector working with big names like Becton Dickinson India and BBC World India. She shares her experience of working with such companies and the exposure she got while working for them. She has worked for BBC Media for 14 years and had experience working in diverse areas including finance by the time she left. Her aspiration to try something new brought her to IKEA, she’s been working with IKEA as a CFO since then. She discusses how Indian market has responded to IKEA and the challenges that lay ahead with scaling up in the country. Preet opines that to improve the gender balance in the country, one must start from society and change its standpoint for working women. When asked about what success meant to her, Preet remarks that making a tangible difference is what is success for her. A determined leader and a perceptive strategist, she asks young individuals to challenge society and be bold for change. Tune in!

Preet Dhupar, Chief Financial Officer, IKEA India


Preet Dhupar, chief financial officer at IKEA Group India, has been with IKEA for more than 6 years. Preet is part of the senior leadership team of IKEA India and has played a key role in the entry of IKEA in India with its first store opening in Hyderabad in 2018; and in developing and implementing IKEA’s expansion plans in India.  Preet leads the sustainability agenda for IKEA India. She is one of the board members of IKEA India and an important part of all strategic and business dialogues. With strong background in finance, Preet, with her team is responsible for all aspects of finance and tax, planning and analysis, business partnering, legal, risk and compliance IKEA India. She plays an active role in dialogues and conversations with the government on policy topics that impact retail business and investments in India, contributing to bringing positive change in the business environment. Earlier in her career, she has worked with BBC Global News, Tata Donelly, KPMG and enjoys traversing the journey from strategy to implementation; from concept to operations and building long term sustainable businesses in India.

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