Ishwar Chugani, CEO and Managing Director, Giordano (Middle East)

Today on the show, we have with us the CEO of GIORDANO Middle east, Ishwar Chugani! Coming from a family of merchants and businessmen, Mr.Chugani has always been in touch with the business environment. He was introduced to retail at a very young age and has been passionate about it ever since. Mr. Chugani has worked for family entertainment centres in the Middle East. In pursuit of better business, he came across Giordano and made a deal. Currently he is managing business and  heading the branches of Middle East, India, Africa, Central Asia and Europe.  Mr. Chugani and Mr. Garg talked about the relevance of brands for a longer run. And what keeps relevance in check. Mr. Chugani believes that strategies and customer relationships are the key and that it is no magic formula. He believes making shopping easier for consumers is the basic need of the hour. The other key aspects he mentions are efficiency, time, price, health and safety. They also discussed the extended evolution of brands into the digital world due to Covid-19 situation.  While talking about the budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Chugani states that common sense along with judgement and development of multi skills gives one an upper hand. 

“Most exciting thing about retail is how rapidly it’s changing!”

Ishwar Chugani, CEO and Managing Director, Giordano (Middle East)


Ishwar Chugani is the CEO and Managing Director of Giordano Middle East and is also a member of the Management Committee of Giordano International, Hong Kong. Globally, Giordano International operates over 2,200 stores in 30 countries with plans to explore many more untapped markets across the world.
As CEO and Managing Director of Giordano Middle East, he heads the group’s business in the Middle East, India, Africa, Central Asia and Europe. Giordano Middle East (FZE) is a 100 % subsidiary of Giordano International Hong Kong and provides strategic support, logistics, and management to Giordano’s franchise partners across the region. Chugani began his career in 1979 when he set up Sindbad’s Wonderland, the Middle East first Indoor Family Entertainment Centre at the Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai.

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