Salil Bhandari, Founder, BGJC and Associates

Our guest for today is Mr. Salil Bhandara who is an accomplished Chartered Accountant. Mr.Bhandara works with a number of NGOs and educational institutions too. From his experience in the field, Mr. Bhandara describes the importance of commerce chambers. He believes that these chambers enhance the capacity, interface and create awareness within the government with respect to various policies. 

As for the CA profession, Mr. Bhandara believes that the election process within the profession affects the decision making process. And an autonomous body should be hired for the representation of the institution. He also gives his opinion on the New Education Policy describing it as comprehensive and well articulated. Mr. Bhandara is the founder of The Udaipur Tales which is an international storytelling festival.

“Reaching out people’s minds and thoughts and changing them cannot happen unless they change from within”

He believes that this festival is a form of communication for the youth and that it truly enhances their understanding of culture.  Four words that he abides by are – 

Samajdaari, Zimmedari, Imaandaari and Bhagidaari. Mr. Bhandara’s journey is an unusual mixture of professions and experiences which make him the impeccable professional that he is!


Mr. Salil Bhandari  is the Founder of BGJC and Associates, Chartered Accountants. The firm is a member of   IR Global, an international network of legal and consulting firms.

He was the President  of PHD Chamber of Commerce, an Apex Chamber of commerce in India, is a member of the National Executive of FICCI, and serves on the board of large corporates and institutions like Indian Institute of Management, Indore.

He is the Founder of UDAIPUR TALES: International Story Festival, the only one of its kind being done in India.

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