Jagdish Belwal, Founder and CEO, Jagdish Belwal Advisory

Jagdish Belwal, Founder and CEO, Jagdish Belwal Advisory

Jagdish Belwal, Founder and CEO, Jagdish Belwal Advisory

Jagdish is a seasoned CIO turned entrepreneur and angel investor. He is a global thought leader and expert at Technology Anchored Business Transformations.



Change is eternal. As time is passing, everything is changing, or we can say, transform. People are transforming, psychology is transforming, the way of looking at things is transforming, likewise, organizations and their structures are also transforming. 

In this episode of The Brand Called You, we bring you a transformation enthusiast, Jagdish Belwal.

Jagdish is the founder and CEO of the Jagdish Belwal Advisory. He is a board mentor and has an organization called Critical Eye. He is the former CIO of Tata Motors. He has also been awarded, recognized, and felicitated several times.

About Jagdish Belwal

Jagdish is a qualified Mechanical Engineer. He started his career as a service engineer of excavators. He worked there for about five years. After that, he shifted to service headquarters. There he hid many service transformation programs. Then he finally shifted to IT. So Jagdish says that before he joined the field of IT, he was involved in the hardcore business processes, and by joining IT, he got to know more about technology. For him, it was like adding a tool to his repository.

What is transformation?

Jagdish is quite passionate about transformation. He explains transformation by using the metaphor of a pupa turning into a butterfly. He says that just like how a pupa builds into a butterfly, organisations also sometimes need to transform themselves into a better one. They have to undergo a painful process, but the results are always satisfactory. He says that technology is a very important factor for transformation but it is not the only factor. There is a lot more needed.

What factors other than technology are needed for transformation?

Jagdish believes that technology provides a way of doing something in a different manner. It facilitates acceleration to the process of doing something. But, the real factors in the process are the people. All the partners and the people should be one minded while transforming something. He also talks about the organisational change management to be an important factor for transformation.

At what stage does one think of transforming

According to Jagdish, there are two paths that lead to the need of transformation in an organization. First, if the organisation feels a pain, for instance, if the market share is going down, the warranty cost is getting high etc. and the organisation is continuously trying to eliminate that pain, yet not able to do so, then the decision making authorities should look for transformation. Another path Jagdish talks about is just looking outside. He says that if an organisation looks outside within their industry or maybe outside their industry and aspires to transform, it should.

The process of Transformation

The process of transformation starts with diagnosis of the problem, which includes interviews with the leaders, paying visits to different parts of the organisation and collecting the information about the current state of the organisation as much as possible. The second step is about comparing this information with the processes of other industries and deciding benchmarks and targets. The third step includes making plans about achieving those targets and deciding program teams. Last and the most important thing Jagdish talks about is governance of the whole transformation process.


Jagdish is a seasoned CIO turned entrepreneur and angel investor. He is a global thought leader and expert at Technology Anchored Business Transformations. CRM – His leadership experience spans across multiple industries. He set up the automotive world’s largest CRM at Tata Motors making it a global benchmark in customer relationship practices. IT – As its Chief Information Officer, he transformed Tata Motors’ IT and made it an industry wide digital leader. His transformational work has been featured multiple times in Gartner EXP research. Global Leadership – As CIO of APAC and EMEA regions at GE Transportation, he spearheaded digitalisation of GE’s $2.6B joint venture with Indian Rail. Angel Investor – He is an active Angel Investor through CIO Angel Network and has invested in 9 startups so far. Keynote Speaker – He has addressed large gatherings at Gartner Symposium, has appeared on business TV and has shared stage twice with AWS CEO as keynote speaker on cloud adoption. Awards – He has won multiple awards like CIO Power List, CIO 100, CIO 50, Digitalist, CSI National Awards, Enterprise Architecture Award, and a Best Global Implementation Award. Entrepreneur – He, as Founder of Jagdish Belwal Advisory, helps businesses in achieving unprecedented growth through holistic technology interventions. He advises and coaches CEOs, CIOs and industry entrepreneurs to solve complex problems and achieve desired results. He is an avid reader, golfer and trekker.

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