Sabina Munshi, Founder and CEO, Baréskin, Singapore

Sabina Munshi, Founder and CEO, Baréskin, Singapore

  • Sabina is the Founder and CEO of Baréskin.
  • Her brand had been rated as Singapore’s No.1 under the Radar Skincare Label.
  • She is a YPO member from Singapore.




Skincare is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance, and relieve skin conditions. They can include nutrition, avoidance of excessive sun exposure, and appropriate use of emollients. Practices that enhance appearance include the use of cosmetics, botulinum, exfoliation, fillers, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, peels, retinol therapy, and ultrasonic skin treatment. Skincare is a routine daily procedure in many settings, such as skin that is either too dry or too moist and preventing dermatitis and prevention of skin injuries.

Skincare is a part of the treatment of wound healing, radiation therapy, and some medications.

[00:35] About Sabina Munshi

  • Sabina is the Founder and CEO of Baréskin.
  • Her brand had been rated as Singapore’s No.1 under the Radar Skincare Label.
  • She is a YPO member from Singapore.

[00:57] What was your motivation to start Baréskin?

I had three kids before 30 and absolutely no time for elaborate skincare or makeup routines that were very trendy at that time. I was looking for quick fixes and products that worked. So that’s when I started reading more about ingredients and how I can source these things just for myself.

[01:56] About Baréskin products

We have traveled around the world, but we found Singapore to be the best home and base for us. Singapore’s weather is very brutal on your skin because it is very humid. My kids’ skin is very sensitive, so you need products that are very clean and pure. The best thing about our product is that it’s for the entire family.

[04:00] What is the meaning of fusion skincare?

  • Skincare is going into the modern perspective with LED light therapy.
  • You can hook your skincare gadgets with your phone.
  • I started exploring ancient techniques like Ayurveda, crystal healing, and Gua Sha which was in contrast to what was happening in the market.
  • Mixing the modern ingredients and ancient ingredients together to the maximum results.

[05:09] What is the niche that you have identified for yourself?

  • There are big brands at such affordable prices. The minute these big boys talk about a clean product or mention sensitive skin their prices go up.
  • But we have maintained a very affordable price point. We call it affordable luxury.
  • There are very few multipurpose brands because that does not make money.

[07:22] What are your thoughts on gender neutrality?

Men have been very interested suddenly, there has been a pattern in the change of the way they spend on themselves. Previously, only women spent on themselves. Now, men are also very intentional about the way they look.

[10:03] Ageism and Skincare

When we started our brand voice, there are a couple of things I did not want to use in my branding. One was whitening brightening and the other was ageism. I struggle to find products that are just addressing a skin need like hydration or nourishing. There is nothing wrong with aging gracefully.

[21:53] Three key life lessons

  • Consistency
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you
  • Be open to learning


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Sabina Munshi is the founder and CEO of Baréskin, rated by Nylon as Singapore’s #1 under-the-radar skin care label, featured on Business Times and spotted on KissFM’s top morning radio show. Disruptors Magazine named her “Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2022” because her fusion skincare brand is creating waves amongst skin care enthusiasts.

The force behind this Singapore-proud line was a branding alchemist by profession until her informal blog of 30K followers inspired her to create a results-centric yet simple to use, skin care range.

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