Chand Das, Business and Leadership Coach, CSD Associates

Chand Das

Chand Das did his under graduation from IIT Kanpur, post which he went to IIM Bengaluru to pursue his MBA. He has worked with ITC for over 35 years and even assumed positions such as the CEO of stationery products. He was one of the people who started the entire Classmate division of ITC Stationery, one of the biggest stationery brands in the country today. Post ITC, he went on to get his certification as a coach and now mentors startups on angel investors.


Here, he talks about what angel investment is and what to look at before investing. He gives insights on the workings of a start-up in terms of whether or not you need a partner, when to raise money and how to go about scaling up. Moreover, he also talks to us about the difference and changes in work culture in terms of planning and strategy from the advent of his career in ITC versus how startups today go about these processes. Further, he talks about the courage one feels when they get to create and implement their business plan versus when they just follow plans laid out by someone else. Tune in to learn more!


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