Abhijit Basu, Founder & Managing Director, ABM Communication

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He represents a style of entrepreneurship where client relationship management becomes the bedrock of delivering quality and efficient products.

In his over 30-year career, Abhijit has led ad. agency teams, and set-up a successful advertising communication venture that continues to withstand evolving macro and micro challenges in the business environment. 

Abhijit is a postgraduate in marketing, with his work experience spanning marketing, account management, strategic planning, advertising-agency setting-up and management. His career in the marketing department of a computer academy called Maegabyte, before he joined the world of advertising, going on to make his mark in leading agencies including TBWA, Mudra, BBDO. In 2003, he ventured out and set up his own advertising-communication agency – abm communication pvt. ltd. http://abm.co.in/

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