Dr. Chytra Anand, Founder, Kosmoderma Skin, Chief Innovator, SkinQ

Dr Chytra Anand, Founder, Kosmoderma Skin, Chief Innovator, SkinQ

Dr. Chytra Anand, Founder, Kosmoderma Skin, Chief Innovator, SkinQ

Voted India’s Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013, Elle Magazine Top 6 Skin doctors in India



India is seeing a boom in the skincare, beauty, and derma cosmetics industries. There is a growing awareness of what products they use, what their skin requires, etc.

Our guest today is a doctor who has experience in both cosmetics and derma cosmetics, to give us more knowledge and insights!

About Dr. Chytra Anand

Dr. Chytra Anand is a World-renowned multi-award-winning Cosmetic Dermatologist. She is the founder of South India’s Leading Skin & Hair Clinic Chain – Kosmoderma. 

How did you become a doctor and a cosmetic dermatologist?

Dr. Chytra believes it was a sheer accident. Surrounded by entrepreneurs in her family, she was always inclined to be an entrepreneur herself. Raised up in Mysore, being good in her studies entered medical college but she wanted to drop out in the very first year as she didn’t enjoy pursuing it. However, her father convinced her to continue and thus she finished the course after which she went to London to explore and learn more about business. There she was exposed to derma skin while working at a plastic surgeons’ place. She moved back to India with the plan of starting a medispa. But due to the debate going on at that time regarding scams, she started a skin clinic instead. And that proved successful. 

What are your other interests? 

Dr. Chytra says that she has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Way back in her medical school, she had opened an agency to provide students from out of state with things and services they required. In London, she used to do sourcing of Kashmira Shawls with two other people. In 2006, she started KosmoDerma Clinic, then she started an academy to train doctors and ultimately SkinQ, a visual health care company. And guess what? All of these initiatives have been a massive success. 

What is the difference between cosmetic and derma cosmetic? 

Cosmetic care is something that you apply to the skin, and it just acts on the surface of the skin and acts as a barrier. It doesn’t have much of a reparative effect. Whereas, derma cosmetics have the ability to penetrate to a deeper level of the skin and are more efficacious. 

What should be the simple skincare mantra for anyone with a normal budget? 

“There’s no way you can have glowing clear skin if you are not healthy on the inside.”

Dr. Chytra says that maintaining your skin is very simple. You need a good product, a plan, and consistency, she adds. She advises washing your face with water at least twice a day and more if your skin is too oily or exposed to the sun. She also suggests using sunscreen, saying that 90% of the damage caused to the skin is sun damage. Besides, you should use a moisturizer at night as it acts as a barrier. Dr. Chytra confirms that you don’t need any more products beyond this for a simple skincare mantra. And advises seeing a skin doctor if you are facing skin problems. 


Voted India’s Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013, Elle Magazine Top 6 Skin doctors in India, FiCCI Flo Bangalore Woman in Health care achiever award 2019, Awarded Rising Star at World Congress of Dermatology, Forward-thinker, Always looking to better skin health and skincare… coaching people to take pride in their appearance.

A doctor by training, an entrepreneur at heart, I am currently building India’s First Active Skin Care Line for Skin of Colour / Indian Skin – Skin Q. With formulations created over 15 plus years of experience in the Beauty & Skin Industry across 3 continents.

A contributor to mainstream publications on Beauty & Health: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle. Femina, NDTV, PopXo, BeBeautiful, Grazia, etc. I am passionate about Beauty and Health & an avid advocate of taking pride in oneself and being the best you can be.

I speak at corporates and organizations on Skin Health and the importance of First Impressions.

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