Deepak Kaura, Chief Medical Officer, 1Qbit & Synthesis Health

Deepak Kaura, Chief Medical Officer, 1Qbit & Synthesis Health

Deepak Kaura, Chief Medical Officer, 1Qbit & Synthesis Health

Health Care Leader, Champion for all Innovation activities in Health, Pediatric Radiologist, Technology Entrepreneur



As we all know already, technology is much more developed in the 21st century, and it keeps developing with every passing day. But have you ever thought about which turn is technology going to take in the next 10 years? Meet the one who did.  Our guest for today, Deepak Kaura, is the Chief Medical Officer at 1Qbit and Synthesis Health. He is a serial investor and has invested in over 25 early-stage companies. He is also a trained pediatric radiologist. He is working to develop the technology of the future – Quantum Computing.

About 1Qbit and Synthesis Health

1Qbit and Synthesis Health is a company that was started in 2012. It is centered around the practical application of quantum computing. It was initially started to develop the software for quantum computers. Their vision was to build something that would exist 10 years from then.

Developing Quantum Computing and its relationship with the name ‘1Qbit’

Discussing the name, Deepak tells us that the company was named 1Qbit because Qbit is the unit in which the processing power of quantum computers is measured.

The company came into existence after the two founders Andrew and Landon met. They both come from diverse backgrounds with none of them knowing much about quantum computing. But both of them had a hunger for knowledge and a passion to use that knowledge to look at the art of possibility. They founded this company to get to the next horizon of computing. He tells us that if you want to understand what is going to happen in the future of technology and industry, you should look at the academics of today. 

1Qbit is still in the research phase but there are some practical things they have learned. He adds that in the journey of developing software for quantum computers, they have come across many other small things which have different and practical uses in the industry. Developing Quantum Computing is still their long-term goal but they are content that they have gained more knowledge throughout this journey.

He tells us that if you look at quantum and start thinking about what it means to us as living beings, the whole concept of quantum biology is that all living beings are molecules and our subatomic particles operate based on quantum theory that everything has energy and our particles can transmit to other particles without ever communicating to them. Quantum Computing brings the opportunity to us to understand various chemical interactions and understand what is happening at the biological level. They are close to understanding the energy states through different quantum modeling and quantum-inspired technology and judge the success rate of different chemical interactions. He adds that the world of chemistry is changing dramatically because of this.

How did he get involved in Quantum Computing?

Deepak tells us that the founders of 1Qbit approached Deepak and told him that he could be helpful in integrating machine learning and healthcare. Deepak got involved in quantum technology development just to serve the mission of getting machine learning into healthcare.

How Quantum Technology is going to be applied to different sectors?

Deepak believes that the first application of this technology is going to be in the chemistry industry. They have partnered with many chemistry companies and are working with understanding energy calculations between various chemical interactions and developing new chemicals. Another application of quantum computing would be in communication and encryption. He says that quantum technology has a vast scope. Many things are still being done through stimulation, but once accurate technology is developed, things are going to change dramatically.

How does Deepak obtain the inspiration to keep working?

Deepak recalls that once he was in a market in Florida, he saw a Nike hat that said ‘just do it. He got inspired by it and bought the hat. He would then wear the hat literally every day. He says that these three words might be imprinted on his DNA because he follows them so sincerely. Another thing he tells us is that he has been taught by his parents to do good in life. He says if you combine ‘just do it’ with ‘do good’, it becomes very powerful.

He adds that he has some values in life which he wanted to transfer to his children. He believes that if you integrate three values ‘respect, listen and care’ in some form while making the decision of your life, it is pretty difficult to make a wrong decision.



Health Care Leader,
Champion for all Innovation activities in Health,
Pediatric Radiologist,
Technology Entrepreneur

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