Daniel Mika, CTO & Co-founder of GetDressed (Cracow)

Daniel Mika, CTO & Co-founder of GetDressed (Cracow)

Daniel is a Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder in GetDressed: Fashion-AI startup that creates a technology that improves users’
image every day.  



“At the end of the day you are not failing, you’re learning”

Today, The Brand Called You welcomes a young entrepreneur all the way from Krakow Poland, 

Daniel Mika. Daniel is the Co-Founder of GetDressed. He is also the Co-Founder of Seed Foundation. 

Daniel is in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg about his entrepreneurial journey. He has definitely achieved, and aims to achieve a lot at a very young age! Talking about his startup, GetDressed he explains that it is an AI-powered fashion tech startup. That aims on understanding styles and preferences and connecting this data to larger fashion companies. He believes that AI will be the next industrial revolution. And it will bring about tremendous change in the near future. 

He also takes the audience through the details of starting up a business. The challenges, efforts, and learnings of building a startup. 

Daniel talks about his organization, Seeds Foundation. An organization that aims on connecting professionals and mentors to high school students. 

His goals are very unique and he believes in achieving them through hard work and learning from his mistakes


Daniel is a Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder in GetDressed: Fashion-AI startup that creates a technology that improves users’ image every day. His solution helps in making decisions about what clothing to choose and how to match it. He’s an AI Team Leader who research the best possible solutions for clothing matching feature. He builds an architecture of system imitating the work of stylists. He creates hypotheses of possible algorithms which are then prototyped and tested. In the meantime, Daniel as a Co-founder & Head of Operations fights against potential waste in youth through a SEED (Science Entrepreneurship Experience Daily) Foundation project. He focuses on building a bridge between high school students and the world of entrepreneurship. The foundation’s activities show students that they are capable of building their own path of growth.


Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer January 2018 – Present (3 years 2 months)
I’m building our strategy of technology development. As you can imagine creating an Artificial Intelligence solution that matches clothing the way a personal stylist would, isn’t easy. Although it’s an amazing possibility to conduct research, build hypotheses, and plan the architecture of a system that understands the human sense of aesthetics. I build ideas of algorithmic solutions, that are prototyped and tested. As a Team Leader, I mentor my team and manage any problems that occur on our way to the best possible technology. I’m also responsible for the financial and law structure of the company. I build relationships with partners and gain the support of mentors who help us develop our product.

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