Daniel Peris, Sr. VP, Federated Hermes

Daniel Peris is a trained historian of the Soviet Union and an author of a leading study on the Soviet effort to promote atheism. He made his transition from academic historian to financial research in the 1990s. He leverages historical perspective in the management of equity assets.  



The Brand Called You brings you a uniquely talented and multifaceted guest today, Daniel Peris. Daniel is the Sr VP of Federated Hermes managing a portfolio of 25 Billion Dollars. He’s a historian, author, and business analyst. Tune in to listen to Daniel’s incredible journey from being an academic historian to a financial researcher!

Daniel talks about the pivotal moments in his life. He is a trained historian, with a specialization in Russian History. He was destined to be an academic historian given his family background but he chose to change his path later in his career. Although untrained, Daniel became an entry-level business analyst at the age of 32 and we are so inspired by his unique choices! He shares the key differences in both the industries and remarks that finance is a static industry as opposed to history which is open to understanding the past and getting aware of it. 

Daniel shares how he is able to leverage the historical framework in managing equity. He opines against gold being a convenient method of investment in India and shares his views on investing inland instead. He also shares his investment mantra for our viewers and shares a few interesting facts about dividend investing in the US. 

Millennials and gen z’s are changing the game in each industry with their progressive views and it is the same for the investment industry. Daniel talks about how millennials are changing the industry. Also a writer, he talks about his book on Russian atheism. He delves into an interesting discussion on how Russia tried to transform their society quickly by abandoning the religion completely, which was a failed attempt until they offered a bureaucratic form of religion in the place of religion. He shares some very interesting anecdotes from his time as a historian. 

Daniel has been a successful historian and a financial expert and he shares his views on success and failure with us. He talks about his difficult transition from history to finance and shares his learnings along the way. Tune in!


“In a profession devoid of historical sensibility, knowing the past is a form of innovation and a distinct competitive advantage.”
• Trained as a historian of the Soviet Union; author of a leading study on the Soviet effort to promote atheism.
• Made transition from academic historian to financial research in the late 1990s.
• Actively leverages historical perspective in the management of equity assets.
• Investment philosophy based on the traditional, time-tested concept of cash flow-based, business
ownership applied to the stock market.
• Author of three practitioner books on dividend-focused investing.
• Manager of a $25 billion equity portfolio focused on dividend-paying, dividend-increasing equities for major US asset manager.
• Advocate for the liberal arts within modern professions.
• Practitioners always benefit from knowing the history of their profession.
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